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I always think big, and then i think small, Heather Small. I tell myself; ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud?’” Sarah Hadland as Stevie Sutton on Miranda

Innovation is “the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs" (, accessed 28.10.2013)

To me innovation is all about using future-proof technologies in the present to solve current issues. One of these solutions are online communities. Things such as crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, work teams, and marketing are very used today and can be very helpful and easy-to-use tools. Sometimes when i see these platforms i think “is it even possible?” The most important thing i learnt is that no matter what the platform is picked, it must be advised to the client as if it were tailored just for them. In this case, was a crowdsourcing platform that helps with the branch ‘access to expertise’ from our spidergram. I reviewed it and made a section titled “How does it fit our NGO?”. This is very important because it may be a useful tool, but it’s a priority to see how well the NGO can use it for a certain project, so we must look at these tools from different points of view. Here i think  we had to have a more focused point of view, and find the right platforms.

My design principles would have to be that it works well. It may seem like a very broad and general principle, but i think that to design online communities it is of most importance to have something that the NGO can use not just once, but multiple times (if necessary), and with the least side-effects or costs (not money, but “causes the loss of…”).

And now, to my final paragraph of this post and of this module, or i don’t know exactly, but the project has come to an end, and this is the last paragraph (i think, or at least it will be for a while)

Project communities was an eye-opening course teaching us new things every week, and sort of ‘imposing’ them too, via the Google Hangouts, which show how useful online tools can be. To have the best Project Communities i think it is important to put it out there. By this i mean that you shouldn’t be afraid of proposing new ideas or ways we could do things, because at the worst, it will help you think of better ideas, so there is always learning involved. I know i wasn’t very outspoken, but i realize that i should have been to get the most out of it myself.

And now, my dear reader, it is time for my final what i call “Such fun”


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2 comments on “Fin
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hi Gio – a late follow on now that I have some time to more thoughtfully read through everyone’s final posts. Adding on to Meggie’s thought, not only are you developing your own voice in this blog, but you are also LINKING which I’m sure has Alan smiling at his desk in Arizona!

    So my question to you is, how will you be putting yourself out there next? What is your “edge?”

    Thanks again


  2. Meggie says:

    Hi Gio, I really like this post. You are findign your own style of writing and you are openly sharing. You are now really doing what ypou are advising the students for next year: putting it out there. Keep up that good work and we’ll be saying “Such fun” for a long time.

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