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This is it…

Now we are at the end of the course and, what I can say is that I’ve learned very much during this Project Communities course.

One of the most important things that I learned about online communities and networks is that both can be very useful and help you to solve problems even far away from your client. The internet has become the most used tool in world, and with it you can have a direct contact with your client, find out what his problems are and, also using online networks and communities, come up with an idea that may solve the problem. This networks created the possibility to many different kind of designers from many different parts of the world to work together and help each other in finding solutions for every kind of problem. 

It means innovation, since you are not bounded by the communication borders. With it you have different opinions for different clients and different solutions, but all with only one goal: Designing the great solution.

For me one of the best principles for designing is “Engage beginners and attract experts”. This one is basically what happened to us in our work with our NGO. We, as beginners (now we are better =] ), were trying to use the information that we had and looking for more information that could help us to do our job in this course. And with the online networks and communities we got help, even not directly, from experts in the subject, what helped us to develop our work. Also, using communities of crowd funding means using experts websites to reach our goal, and in this way they can work together for a common purpose.

Another good principle is “Plan for today’s and tomorrow’s business”. This is a good one, because it is also what we are trying to do for our NGO. We are trying to solve its actual problems but also thinking in its future, like expanding their network so they maybe would not face the same problems again.

For the next students of this course I would say that you will face a big challenge because it is real life’s problems that you have to solve. But, if you give the most of you and work well, you will accomplish your tasks successfully. For them to get the most of it, I’d advise them to get as much as information they need to solve the problem, and also study the things that are given on each meeting in class, because they will help them a lot when doing their work. Other tip is not try to do it with the whole group, I mean, dividing tasks and after put the solutions together is the best option for a faster, and well developed work. I know they will learn this during the course, but as a tip in advance, this is a good one! :)

Now that I’ve experienced things like I did in this course, I know that I hardly will face the same problems as in dividing tasks or roles when working in group. I am sure that this will help me a lot during the IDE program.

Thank you for reading this post! :)

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2 comments on “This is it…
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hey Vinicius, a very belated Obrigada for your advice in your final post. I like the “Engage beginners, attract experts.” I’m going to remember that one!



  2. Meggie says:

    Vinicius nice blog post. I like that you take a few less ‘obvious’ design principles and they you also explain how you understand them. I am looking forward to seeing your future work!

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