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Last but not least …

During the Community Project I learned a lot about online communities as well as various features of some of those. I also learned what features are the important and should be considered when looking for a specific online platform. This course was a great opportunity for me to catch up with the online world of today and see how everything can be done within a network. I also learned and experienced that having a blog and update it regularly with new posts is not too difficult as I used to imagine.

Throughout what I learned in this course, I believe there are certain principles that should be taken into account when designing and fostering online communities and network. For instance, design principles such as diversity, appropriateness, user-friendliness, and honesty are very important in designing communities and/or networks. If the content is appropriate but diverse, it can help a wider range of customers with different needs and wishes. Designing a user-friendly and self-explanatory network is respecting the customers; as they will not struggle with learning how the service works and how they can use it. Honesty in design is also very important. If we are designing for people and we want to be welcomed and supported by people, we must make it possible for people to trust our design.

To next year’s class I would say that planning, researching, and being active during this course is very important. Starting the IDE program by this course, may not be very easy for everyone. But this course is a great opportunity to quickly learn about challenges and principles of team work, clients’ expectations, design, deadlines, and online networks and platforms.  

This course gave me the initial knowledge about some very important path in design business, such as marketing, research, strategy, planning, etc. I think these will all be very useful when doing my future projects. In the future projects, I will use the knowledge I gained from this course as tools for more efficiency and productivity.

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4 comments on “Last but not least …
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hiya and sorry for the late, late comment….

    I really appreciated the design principle of honesty. And it applies BEYOND design so it is sort of a life principle, eh? I’m smiling.

    Thanks for being part of project community.


    • Ghazaleh says:

      Hi and thanks for leaving a comment.

      That’s really true. It is a life principle. 🙂

      It was a great and unique opportunity for me to be a part of that course.
      Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your time with us.


  2. Vinicius says:

    I liked the way you finished your text. Because I totally agree with what you said. It was very good working with you and with the rest of our team. The acquired knowledge will be used to improve our skills and next works, for sure. You also gave some tips to the next years students that I didn’t think.
    Well done! 🙂

  3. Meggie says:

    Hi Ghazale, your blogging is consistent in being clear and giving an open reflection of your opinion, nice to read. I hope your learnigns will be as valuable to you as you describe them!

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