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Project Communities: Accomplishment

This is our last week of Project Communities and we are currently working on production of the video for our NGO. We are going to present our advice and explain our points visually. We have to work really carefully to transfer our thoughts in a presentative way so that our client will be consulted properly and satisfied with the designed solutions.

There is also another thing… What I think that is important about using online communities and networks in innovative design. WIth the advent of the Internet, the way people work has changed cardinally. All new features allow to implement the plans easier so they leave more time for us to analyze and come up with new ideas. And one more point… the most essential tip for any kind of the project you carry out - finding the appropriate and convenient online tool for your specific strategy.

Personally I’ve learnt a lot from our Monday classes and team work throughout the whole process. To be brief, they are collaboration skills, Project Management attainments and Online Update. It used to seem to me that I have a complete picture about how Social Network works. However, I have been wrong because after this course I’ve found out to myself that is a way more global and vast community with more opportunities to be united and also realize your business purposes.

Facing everything I have been gaining during these weeks I can point out the most important Design Principle is

Good design is innovative

Regarding Vitsœ’s Good Design Principles, the possibilities for innovation are not, by any means, exhausted. Technological development is always offering new opportunities for innovative design. But innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology, and can never be an end in itself. So even if we are talking about Project for our NGO, what they have been lack of is innovation. That is what we are going to upgrade Gogorobi Foundation with. 

For those who are going to study this course next year, I would say that it is mistaken to be afraid of it in the beginning and find it confusing. Keep in mind that it is all about communication, teamwork and brainstorming and you will do it successfully. A one really good tip I would mention is team’s collaboration organizing. It would be better to decide on the style of the way your group will work and split the roles from the outset. Be more dynamic!

Project Communities course has attracted me to cooperation which is definitely going to help me with my path through IDE Program.

Thank you for reading!


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3 comments on “Project Communities: Accomplishment
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hiya Anna

    I liked the enthusiastic tone of the post (or at least that is how I read it.) It is always interesting to me that of all of you that pass through Project Community – all digital natives — have such diverse knowledge and experience of social media and online communities. There are a lot of assumptions that yours is a totally wired generation, but I am learning that is not always so. I find that fascinating!

    Thanks for being part of Project Community


  2. Meggie says:

    Hi Anna, great to read about all the things you’ve learned and insights you’ve gained. It’s all about the learning after all. I am happy to see that you are very active in the production of the video and I am lookign forward to seeing your group’s end result.

  3. Julia says:

    I totally agree with you when you say that is all about communication and team work! These are the keys to do a good job in this course! I think we all had some trouble because of the miscommunication! kkkkk

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