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Marketing: A key role for a successful business

During the last few weeks we discovered and worked with some very important keys to design a successful fundraising strategy and network expansion for Gogrobi foundation. These themes, in my opinion, all are connected together and one supports another.  However, among all I think MARKETING can help the NGO the most.

First of all because marketing plays a very important role on the expansion of a network. Therefore, it can extend NGO’s network among fundraisers. This means that more people and organizations with funds available to donate will know about our NGO through marketing. This will give the Gogorobi Foundation more opportunity to get direct and indirect financial support. 

Secondly, marketing can and probably will also extend the target group of Gogorobi NGO as desired. The bigger the target group (or the groups of audience) the bigger the reputation, and the more chance of donation.  Through marketing and advertisement, more people will know about this NGO and I think more children will join and enjoy the events. Parents and/or families will hear about those events and their purposes through both their ads and the audience. There may be some donors among the family of those children. It will also be a better chance for donating companies to advertise their brand or business by donation to such NGO. 

Last but not least I think a successful marketing requires specific skills and actions including technology steward, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, etc. It also requires some improvements in the quality of events, service, and work that our NGO does. This makes the marketing an important role towards success and solving the unmet needs of our NGO.

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3 comments on “Marketing: A key role for a successful business
  1. Meggie says:

    I am really happy that you chose marketing and not the ‘self-evident’ crowdfunding. I hope you get a chance to get deeper into the subject so you will be able to give areally relevant advice to Gogorobi.

  2. Viktorija says:

    Hi, it was interesting to read your post. However, after you suggest your strategy for Gogorobi foundation what do you think will play a key role towards success in the further development of the NGO?

    • Ghazaleh says:

      Hi . Thanks for reading my post 🙂 I think smart planning is what they always can benefit from and is a base key. Even in the future developement. How to rise money and spend it needs good planing. How to develope future events need good planning too.

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