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Le Crowdsource

Over the course of the past 7 weeks we have explored various themes, including; crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, work teams and marketing.

In my opinion our NGO, the Gogorobi Foundation, can use all of them in one way or another. In my opinion the one that will be of most use would have to be crowdsourcing.

As a recap, Wikipedia defines crowdsourcing as “the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers

One of the reasons it can be very helpful is because using the spidergram  we found out that they were missing access to expertise. With a crowdsourcing platform such as it is easy and convenient for our NGO to hire the right people needed for certain projects. And the people hired would be rather specialized since you can browse to hire per category and sub-category. This way whatever job the NGO needs to be done it will be done well, and they would only pay if they are satisfied.

The NGO can also benefit from crowdsourcing as the foundation isn’t very ‘social’. What i mean is, that they have a website (though only in 2 languages of which none are english) and a Facebook page (with just 155 likes). By expanding the social networks and media the foundation is involved, and also improving the existing one (for example; adding english as an option in the site). A great tool would be one where there are hashtags available, allowing more people to view posts and to so expand their network. An example that i believe would be great for them is keek. It is an app where you share videos up to 36 seconds. You can them hashtag them. I think this is a good platform because there are currently 58 million users (from Wikipedia), so many people can view the contents that have been hashtagged.

Thirdly, platforms such as forums or even their own facebook page can help them because they can get some content or ideas for future projects. Since we have seen that projects isn’t going so bad for them, i still think that having more input or feedback from the ‘audience’ can be beneficial for them to know if they are doing things well or they can get new ideas from their fans.

In my opinion, a possible solution would be to start with crowdsourcing, maybe working on the website and trying to get more people to like the facebook page. Then, the NGO should ‘invest’ in social media, like keek, twitter, instagram, and stare information of upcoming events, and even share videos. It is crucial for them to hashtag. It is an easy step to start also because the most famous social networks are in fact free of charge.Once this is completed they can start hiring freelancers and also start the process of crowdfunding in order to raise money for the projects. In the end, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding will have to work together seamlessly.

Such Fun!


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One comment on “Le Crowdsource
  1. Meggie says:

    It seems that you have paid attention to what has been going on in class and have combined that with what you see from Gogorobi.
    You name the general advantages of crowdsourcing and how this would work for Gogorobi. But in the end it stays quite superficial because you don’t know very much about Gogorobi. Maybe they don’t need because they already have lots of local good contacts. Also the social platforms that you mention are general and not specific to the circumstances and needs of Gogorobi. You could really benefit from answerign Beth Kanter’s question “What does succes look like?”

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