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Week 7

I want to start by saying that every theme so far has been very interesting to me in various ways and I think all of the themes can be useful to my group’s NGO in order to achieve it’s goal.

If I have to pick one theme, that will work the best for our NGO’s goals, I must say I will pick Crowd-funding. Our NGO unmet needs were Fundraising and network expansion,but the funding is the main goal.I believe that through Crowd-funding our NGO can get the funds it needs in order to maximise the marketing campaigns in order to make the expansion of the network as greater as possible. Another reason, why I think Crowd funding is the best way to solve our NGO unmet needs ,because it is a very easy way to get funding.

I think that the team work and the general group effort will play a key role towards success during this process, because the team work will make the difference between good and great approach to solving a problem.

From my point of view, the solution for our NGO is to use Crowd-sourcing and Crowd-funding in order to gain funds and network expansion. After that I believe the Foundation should spent some amount on Marketing, because I believe that through better Marketing strategies, the Gogorobi Foundation can become a world wide known foundation.

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One comment on “Week 7
  1. Meggie says:

    Maybe read my comment on Gio’s blog, this blog is along the same lines. Your answers to the blog prompts are so general that they can’t be really called wrong, they just don’t say much.
    Please tell me what succes would look like to you.

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