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Ask people

This week we sticked at crowdfunding networks. Crowdfunding is an application for collecting the funds through small contributions from many investors in order to finance a particular project or venture (defined by This is a concept of Crowdsoursing that we had explored earlier.

Crowdfunding platforms provide opportunities for anybody with Internet access to pitch an idea to their social network and to gather funding to realize their project. This is the easiest way to receive small contributions from people across the country and overseas. According to the latest measures, there are more than 2 billion people using Internet nowadays. 70% of them use it daily. How else if not through Networking platforms is it possible to request the funding  and raise a desired amount? We’ve learnt about different platforms such as,, and many others. they are all fairly easy to use and quite secure.

Design Solutions & Crowd

Talking about crowdsoursing and crowdfunding in design, there can be both advantages and disadvantages mentioned. These are the most essential ones i’ve thought of:


Relying on the crowdsoursing tools designers can get the feedback and ideas from a wide range of other designers with multifarious experiences and points of view across the country and overseas. They may find some unique idea or solution that would help with the project implementation.


When a person profits from somebody’s else creation it always comes to issues of Copyright. That’s why I think many designers intent to “go it alone” options. Moreover, design solution is something distinctive and special that makes a creator different from the others. It is a completely personal invention and that is why it’s meant to be so valuable. 

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3 comments on “Ask people
  1. Meggie says:

    It seems that you see crowdsourcing as asking the crowd for a complete solution. I see crowdsourcing more as sourcing a specific task externally. That can be really different tasks e.g. giving feedback, making a drawing, coming up with alternative solutons for a technical aspect etcetera. I think it’s more the fact that designers sometmes don’t like their ideas and assumptions challenged that makesit difficult for them to crowdsource openly. Copyright doesn’t tend to play that big a role as many students think. You might also check out my comment on Mike’s blog about that.

  2. Ghazal says:

    You have clearly sorted the advantages and disadvantages of crowdsourcing. This makes your post easy to follow. About profiting from sb else creation, I would say it should not necessarily be direct use of their material, but can be in the form of inspiration.

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