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Design for crowdsourcing

Now it has been a few weeks since I first more thoroughly looked into Crowdsourcing and Crowd funding I have to say I find them a potential tools for wishes coming true.

I find Crowdsourcing very very useful for designers who are stuck on something and need a fresh look at things or maybe too. Via crowdsourcing I think you can get great ideas and a lot of help as a designer, especially when you are doing a project of a certain matter that you are not very familiar with, crowdsourcing is the best way to get some higher expertise.

However, I must say there is a down side as well. Some times crowdsourcing may not be the best tool for a designer to get inspiration from other designer or the public as this might some how conflict with the way he sees things, the designers uniqueness. He might lose part of this uniqueness when including other designers and the publics help and thoughts.

At my point. My point is that it really depends of what kinds of person the designer is. He might see himself as an artist and does not want to have others  having anything to do with his work. However he can be also an open minded designer who appreciates the opinion of others and uses  it efficiently. I consider myself somewhere in the middle. I value and respect the opinion of others but for some things I just don’t care what anybody thinks as long as I am happy with it.

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2 comments on “Design for crowdsourcing
  1. Meggie says:

    What’s wrong with conflict? I think it will make you think better about your own choice and therefore enable you to either strengthen your own ideas/arguments or rethink and change your mind.
    But it’s OK, you just have to further develop your view of the design process.

  2. Ghazale says:

    You have mentioned some very good points in your post. Especially about the down side of the crowdsourcing. I think a designer should first get inspired and then contact the crowd to take the task further if needed. To me it’s like when we said a group of one is the best for creativity.
    About your point, I think it is important to be open to data coming from other people. This data can be ideas,feedback,information,etc. But it is also important to set our plan and goal before gathering data. Otherwise we will never get to any final point and will just be moving to different directions with the crowd. I think being open to crowdsourcing is very important if we have big goals that involves other people. For example if one wants to be a customer oriented designer, getting feedback during the design process from other people may save him/her so much time and money by minimizing the possible faults.

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