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One size fits most

We started this project way back in September, so a month ago (almost). This means we have had time to look back at how we work as a group and what is going well in it and me individually. In my opinion as of now communication is working rather well. Especially considering the mess in the beginning. Also, coming up with ways to stay in touch and organize files. We have our own Facebook group, Whatsapp group and shared Google Drive, which help us to stay informed and on top of everything when we need to, 24/7.

Not all things do go well, however. For me, personally, i find some assignments challenging, and at first i cannot always see a connection between the ProjComm assignment and the project for our NGO, but sooner or later i think that i can actually make a link and see how it can be used in the final project that we have to deliver.

Our group is made up of 8 people. This is the first time i worked with such a large group and it is a bit chaotic. It isn’t always easy to have a focused what i call meeting. For a project so important and so big, it is important to have a lot of people in the group, however it is easier if the group is divided into some smaller groups, for maximum efficiency, and then later have a meeting where all the smaller groups share their findings/ideas. Culture doesn’t play a big role in the group work, because most of the group is European, so our cultures have some similarities, but also some differences  but they do not really interfere with the task, and we try to take an unbiased opinion and we try to keep our minds open.

To improve my experience and the group’s work it is important to be able to know what size of groups is the best for a certain task. For example, the first time we worked on the spidergram, the whole group worked on it, but the result wasn’t very accurate and time wasn’t spent efficiently. The second time we did the spidergram, only half the group worked on it, allowing more ideas to be shared, and allowing more room for personal thoughts and opinions. We also picked the branches of the spidergram to focus on, so we could have any opinion without interfering with another one’s. Some tasks may require just a small fraction of the team, however some may need a larger part of the group, and i believe it would be more efficient if we know what size works best.

"Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up." - Author Unknown

It’s common courtesy; he’s doing most of the work; you’ve got to encourage him.” - Joan Rivers

Such Fun!

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One comment on “One size fits most
  1. Meggie says:

    Gio! I like that you bring in some external wisdom and I appreciate that you are honest about what is hard for you. Next time, try to do a little bit more reflection. Maybe use the STARR method or try and tell the team what you would need from them to function better. Or tell them what you intend to do or develop over the next few weeks. I am starting to see some more of your personality, keep revealing a bit more every blog!

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