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All about the Team

Team work has started since the beginning of the human race. For one the first members of the human kind had to hunt in a team in order to provide food. Also the whole evolution theory is based on the concept that the male and the female join in a “team ” so they can carry on the human race forward.

I think our group is generally going well. We have some god ideas and some very good discussions. I think at the beginning we were kind of slow, but now we got on track and we are catching up. We started to worked better as a group in a way of dividing tasks more efficiently and so we get more work done.

I think the impact of our size group is that there are too many different opinions and is very hard to get down to one actual conclusion or decision involved in the solving of a problem. The culture differences in our group by my opinion are no problem at all. If anything, they are beneficial to our brainstorming as different cultures give a very wide range of different ideas.

In the following weeks I will try to help improve the organisation in our group and also try to be more involved in the evaluating of the task and the idea developing. I hope this will impact my group in a way of improving its work quantity and getting better results.

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2 comments on “All about the Team
  1. Felix says:

    Hey, I like that you point out that different cultures in our group give differnet views on ideas. Also i think that the main problem in our group is the divide of tasks.

    Greets FElix

  2. Meggie says:

    Yes! You can pinpoint what is not working for you, too many opinions. You way forward, improve organisation and try to move ideas forward is quite general. Try to think what you can really contribute to a way of decision making that is fast but still democratic.

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