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Insight Of Collaboration

We’ve been working together already for a few weeks so by now we’ve managed to find out what is going well in our team and what should be improved. As I see it, a small fail of our group in the start of this project was uncertainty and lack of determination.

This Monday’s meeting was a way better because we have finally found a right approach to our goal and started to communicate with each other more effectively. Now I can say that our team is collaboration and that’s what is working well. For instance, we have decided on each member’s role in the group (patience was a great value) and now we cooperate a lot using our online meeting points. I’ve found it pretty useful to read some chapters from “Project Management. A practical approach” to understand how to use your team-working skills so that the project can evolve and develop (would like to thank Patryk, our idea developer, for reminding me about this course book).

 We’ll have to keep working on finding solutions for our NGO, organizing our information and advice, create a presentation and video. But another important target - teamwork excellence. That’s challenging.

It’s the fact that productivity of any group working on the joint project depends upon an aspect as size of the team. We are 8 and we faced with a problem of thoroughness of our work until we began to share the tasks out. This way we divided our group into 2 to work on Spider diagram and Research at the same time. That is also what we made for “Me, We, Network” and Crowdsourcing task. To sum up, I can say that working in a group of 4 people is more certain and brings more accomplishments.

We are from different countries and it means that every one has different cultural background. However, it doesn’t prevent us from matching each other at all. We can explain it by the impact of globalization process which unites the whole world.

Our task is getting more and more clear and this is what we need to catch up with what we missed and reach our objectives.

In the coming weeks I will try to be more decisive. This includes bringing out more convenient ideas and offers. I’d like to be a more helpful and desired team member and this is what i will work on. I think I can reach it by becoming more ambitious and following the advice that Nancy’s made during the hangout:

- have a plan
- surface assumptions
- check in frequently
- have a visual way to track tasks
- don’t work when hungry
- watch out for English language misinterpretation


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2 comments on “Insight Of Collaboration
  1. Meggie says:

    Insightful and reflective, well done. Also honest in admitting that you can do more and it sounds like you are genuinely motivated towards the future success in the team.
    Remark: pay attenton to your English.

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Anna, I think you managed to write a really nice and very reflective blog post. I agree with a lot of points about our group work in the beginning. I hope that there will be more determination upon all of us to carry out the project and achieve a good result in the end.

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