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       Talking about group size in today’s session, cleared it up for me why our group of 8 was not working efficiently in the beginning. I also realized that we were not the only team that had experienced the same problem.
After the first week of working in group of 8, we decided to split our group into two smaller components. I believe this division helped us to focus more on different aspects of given tasks and to have a more effective result. In addition to this, I believe that organizing small tasks and meeting their deadlines that we set withing our team is going really well too. I think meeting agendas that our team coordinator provides, is a very great and thoughtful way that make the tasks clearer for us and make our group work more organized. Seeing that most members have an active role and almost everybody in our group brings something new related to what they have worked on during the defined days keeps me very motivated.

       In contrast, one thing that is challenging for me in our group work is that sometimes it is not clear to me whether all our group’s needs will be covered and/or who is going to do what. One reason of that is for example not everyone write his/her name in the task document we share on-line between our group members even until a the due date comes up. Another challenging thing for me is about some of our group meetings including “The Chaotic Mondays”. Every week we have 3 group meetings organized. However, usually only the last one of them is task organized in advance; Only in the last meeing of each week we know which tasks will be discussed, and what we are supposed to bring to our group.

       After today’s meeting and discussions we had, I think it will really help if we try to organize and plan all of our weekly meetings to avoid chaos and frustration in our group. I think, I as the scheduler, can play a more active role in this regard. I will try to provide a more detailed schedule than what I did before and I hope it boost our effectiveness.

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3 comments on “4+4=10
  1. Keisha says:

    I just clicked on your post by the title. The title of your blog, 4+4=10, seemed you have a similar idea with me, which is about the synergy effect as a group. But….I don’t see anything related to that idea..:) As I looked into your blog, I found out that we have faced, maybe all other groups have faced, the same problems. Having about 8 members in the group, all groups had problems managing all of them to have works to do. And we found similar ways to solve that problem. It worked pretty well in all groups I think. And I liked your idea of writing names on the works we do. By that, we all can see how much each member works on the task. It can make people get more involved in the group works. 🙂

  2. Meggie says:

    Well done, you can point out what is bothering you and you point towards a solution in which you will play a role. (Quite often the solutions students put forward are about ‘the others’)

  3. Julian says:

    YES, now you are getting really reflective ! You opened my eyes when you said you would like the meetings to be more organized by maybe providing a more detailed schedule, I think that could really help us.

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