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Many organizations can benefit in numerous ways by using today’s modern technology. People’s needs are increasing constantly, therefore the Internet facilities are expanding as well. The network actually has become the mean to create a big value by integrating the knowledge and offers of others or competences into better ideas and solutions for the target groups of people.

My own purposes

Personally I use a lot of different online resources with the various aims. At the same time I’m trying hard not to get too addicted to them. Sometimes I just need to search up the information I need for studying. That way I’m used to being operative and purposeful. However, most of the time I use the online tools for entertainment and communication.


I find all the virtual groups and societies very addictive. Even though many of them seem to be interesting and useful to participate in, I always try to avoid joining. But if I ever find any intersection with another person in wider network, I try not to lose the opportunity to share my thoughts with him or her and keep in touch.

Value of communication in wider networks

I suppose that it is in times more valuable to get together with people from the broader group as it is easier to find someone with the specific (just right the one that you can treat well) set of knowledge and attitudes. It is also more comfortable because you don’t need to depend upon your defined group - you can act the way you want.

My preferences

In my opinion, nowadays we have such a big variety of online tools and communities that there’s always something for everyone. Nevertheless, I continue making use of familiar and best known tools and don’t concern it conservatively. I am the regular user of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube etc. Among those mentioned, I’d never give up using Facebook. This social network is the handiest system you can ever find which contains literally everything you might need to escape from boredom, keep in touch with all the people you want talk to, be aware of what’s going on in their lives and in the whole world. 

To sum up, it seems to me that the main tip for being a clever user is not to get addicted to the groups you might not really need AND to use more opened communities in order to feel at ease.

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One comment on “ONLINE EXPANSE
  1. Meggie says:

    Hi Anna, your blog post is very general, I don’t see much a personal reflection in here and also I don’t really see an answer ot the blog prompts on the me/we/network part. Work on your clarity of writing!

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