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Week 4

I see my self as an individual,an observer, browsing through the Internet, looking for anything that may be of interest of me. It could be an article , a song,a movie,a picture or just a simple video.I often get inspired or find something that I really like but I rarely share with others.I believe I am more of a closed person when it comes to sharing some sort of art as I preferred to do it my closest people, not to the whole world,

I am not a member of certain small or closed groups, but more of open group type with hundreds of thousands people are in, so that more people share.The more people sharing , the higher the chance I will find someone with the same interests as me and so I can be inspired by his work.,so I guess its’s all about finding someone that can provoke you.

For me, the most valuable and most comfortable one is the ability to explore millions of peoples work only by sitting in front of your browsing device.

My preferred type of tools  are the ones that are more to do with the creativity of people.. for example SoundCloud, Instagram,YouTube… In all of these “tools’ ,I follow things that are of interest of me and so i can provoke my thinking in more creative way.

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5 comments on “Week 4
  1. Meggie says:

    Clear and concise post. You know your online behavior and why it fits you. I am wondering, now that you’ve started studying IDE and are participating in this project, do you expect that your behavior might change in the future to also include other types of groups?

  2. Martin says:

    Hi Mikey,
    I guess they are Just kind of big groups inside of a network,social network. I am mostly in groups of popular and not so popular artist, such as Concept Art World. Its a group on Facebook about concept illustrations, art and designs and can be very helpful when u r stuck on something.

  3. Martin says:

    Yes the second paragraph can be a definition of the Internet and me being part of it, but I see my self as a silent member who gathers information and inspiration from the work of others and is ready to share something with the community that will inspire them only when I believe it is truly inspiring.

  4. Mikey Taylor says:

    Hi Martin,

    I enjoyed reading your blog, however I was wondering if you could clarify some things for me. When you say that your not a member of closed groups and are part of open groups with hundreds of thousands of people, could you tell me which groups you are in that inspire you? Also wouldn’t they be called ‘Networks’ instead of open groups?

    I can relate to the tools that you use though however, as I also use Instagram and YouTube to sometimes stimulate ideas and inspire me in a creative way.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Julian says:

    Could your second paragraph be a definition of the internet(work) and you being part of it ? I think it would be kind of a nice one if you would rephrase it a bit.

    I like your idea of having all inspiration and resourced available right on your browsing device. This makes the internet such an opportunity for creative people with ideas.

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