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I have some goodies to share :)

Hello all dear readers,

Talking about technology knowledge and online tools during this week’s lesson, made me enthusiastic about sharing some of the good online tools I have practiced during the last few years. Most these tools and services are found just by googling solution for my needs, and being open to try suggested tools and websites by friends. Yes, I use the google search engine a lot; for many question I face. “how to” and “tutorial” are two very important keywords for me that I use a lot when searching for something online. Among all the fantastic online sources, services, and tools, the following ones are my favorites that I am going to share with you. Please ask me any further question you may have about them. I hope they can be as useful for your. 

  1. Diigo is an online bookmarking website that allows you to tag and bookmark web pages, highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to webpages after you sign up and all these for free. Diigo allows you to have always access to your bookmarks and notes from any connected device to internet. 
  2. 4shared, online file sharing and storage that gives you up to 15 GB free web space. 
  3. Scribd is a digital documents library that allows users to publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents in various languages. I believe it is also one of the best places you can find full portfolios of artists.
  4. Google Chrom is my favorite browser. Not only because it is said to be the fasted, but also because it offers growing services to its user. “Instant translator”, “Pdfy me!”, “Photo Zoom for Facebook”, “FastestChrome - Browse Faster”, and of course “Diigo Web Collector”   are my favorite extensions for this internet browser.
  5. Did you know that you can simply drag and drop any image from your computer or an open tab of your internet browser in a google image search box and look for another size of that image or find some information about it? However, this feature may work only in Google Chrome. 
  6. Pixlr is an online photo editing website. It is easy to use, quick, and free. The advance Pixlr editor offers your most of the features you find in Photoshop.
  7. In Tripwire online magazine you can find amazing photo manipulation tutorials. Don’t forget to check their other topics.

There are also a few new tools that I was introduced to recently, which you can find about them bellow. Although I do not have much experience with them yet, I think they worth trying as much as the above ones.

  1.  An easy to use mind-mapping tool called BubbleI recently found this online tool. Although I do not have so much experience with it yet, I like the user-friendly interface of it. 
  2. A collaboration tool named TeamBox: apparently Teambox is a popular new collaboration tool that started out as a project management tool. But now it’s grown to include powerful messaging tools. This makes it one of the best ways to communicate with your team about each of the projects you have going on. You can assign tasks to others, check your own projects, then discuss them with your colleagues, all in the same app. 
  3. With Google Drive, you can store all your files in one place, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others.

By this time, I still do not exactly know what the identified unmet needs of your NGOs are, more than what was written in the assignment handout. But I believe that some of these tools can help you to find the right information you need, sharing them within your group and your client, and present them in a memorable way. I would be very glad to help you further with any of the tools I know. So please ask  me questions if you think my experience in using these mentioned tool may help. :)

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15 comments on “I have some goodies to share :)
  1. Julissa says:

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  2. Ghazale says:

    Thank you for visiting this website. It’s a great pleasure to hear that you have found this site helpful.

  3. Ghazale says:

    I like the idea! I’d like to participate in such activity to learn from others and show how to use the tools I know. But I’m not good at organization:/

  4. Bobby says:

    Today’s children should be introduced to those tools instead of playing those brainwashing computer games. And if a person starts using them daily can no longer say that he or she is working… 😀 I’m going to have so much fun exploring these and all kind of technological tools.

  5. Meggie says:

    Great to see that you put the sharing straight into practice and that it’s appreciated widely. Keep up the good work. Oh, and to add my tooltip: let’s you create a helpful start page for our self and makes it easy to make and share pages with others, e.g. shopping or porject tools.

  6. Julian says:

    Definitely a lot of interesting tools that I will have a look at. Team Box is the tool I was looking for before but unfortunately the free version only allows up to 5 team members.

  7. ibims says:

    Wow what a good essay GhaZale it really helps me out in trying to find the sources. Also you’ve pointed out some links that I never even heard. Good findings 🙂

  8. Maria says:

    Diigo – sounds like something I was missing! Thank you so much!

  9. My reaction was the same as Vinicius and I started to look for a photo to drag (will do that in a second…), but I’d like to ask you to show these to more groups… or better yet, I’ll post on FB! Would you like to be a technology Steward and organize “get togethers” to show others how to do stuff? Maybe more will join in to also show things like InDesign and such.
    Last year, the students got together every thursday afternoon to teach each other stuff. It really strengthend the community!

    • Nancy White says:

      I just want to say YES… great example of the power of community, of thinking about roles and about tech stewardship specifically!

    • Ghazale says:

      I like the idea! I’d like to participate in such activity to learn from others and show how to use the tools I know. But I’m not good at organization:/

  10. Your post is very good! Now I know that we can mix our knowledge and the knowledge of the other of our group and make the best work ever! haha
    And, I also didn’t know about the number 5 you posted, it is very interesting and I’m going to try it right now! haha

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