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Ultimate sharing expirience

Since the development of the Internet sharing has become a bigger and bigger benefit for the society that know where and for what to look. To me personally sharing is more to do with share your ideas and beliefs with others through some kind of art on every social network in order to inspire others and to be inspired by others. However to me personally “digital identity” is not the best way to identify someone,because I am more fond to the personal contact. I think that when you share your ideas with others over the internet sometimes they might not entirely accept them or understand them not they way you wanted to, because sometimes the best way is not to write it or play it but to “show” it.

I am not sure what exactly do you mean by a “tool” but, for me a “sharing tool” is something like tumblr or SoundCloud, a Newspapers article, magazine article, YouTube or anything that has some sort of art or information in it. It can be appealing to me as I can get inspired of it and be able to help my group the best.

When people find something interesting they get in touch with each other on Skype or Google Hangouts or on Facebook, where they can, by my opinion, quickly, clearly and easily share their ideas and views among their peers.

I am willing to teach anybody,anything that they think I know well enough to teach.

I am not really familiar with the other groups NGO’s ” unmet needs”, so my expertise could be of use of them when I get to know their projects better.

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2 comments on “Ultimate sharing expirience
  1. Martin says:

    I see it as a good improvement Maggie, because it is all kind of new since I am not very good at this type technological stuff. I am no very used to do work like this,however I think I am a quick learner so I believe it won’t be problem for me .

  2. Meggie says:

    Hey Martin. Indeed sharing ideas and beliefs is a core part of what we use these tools for in general. In a project you have to go a step further than simply sharing, you have to divide tasks, communicate about progress and actually get some work done. How do you see the use of these tools in going that step further and achieving practival results?

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