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Project Community as they call it..

After my first meeting with Project Community I was and in fact I still am very strangely but nicely confused. I think the purpose of this class is to teach us,or we to teach our selves, to work efficient and organised  in a group, being part of something, and beyond all how to develop our potential and our ideas using the help of others in order to achieve a full accomplishment of a task or a solution for a problem.

What I hope to get and learn from this class is the ability to be as efficient member of a group as possible and also how to tackle different problems and ideas using the help of others .

I hope my group reaches very noticeable and creative solutions for the problems or projects we have, by working efficiently organised as a group,that I know, has the a great potential of revolving wonderful ideas.

I think I can contribute to my group by working on my maximum as a group member and also I can help by forgetting my own opinion in times,when it is in interest of our group and our projects.

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3 comments on “Project Community as they call it..
  1. Martin says:

    In response to Meggie’s question:

    It has to do wih both of them. In my previous experiences in tam work I learned the hard way that you should sometimes suppress your views for the benefit of the team. However I think that more important is to do everything that depends on you in order to maximise you team result.

  2. Meggie says:

    Martin, great that your blog is in here now. I like your post, it is making me do some reading between the lines. And I am wondering now about the type of guy you are. You talk about learning to work in a team and suppressing your own opinion. Is this based on previous experience in team work and reflecting on that? Or is it just related to how you see team work and your expectations. Please enlighten us more in your next blog post!

  3. Nancy White says:

    Heya Martin – yup, this is ALL about learning with and from each other. Some of us may have more practice at it than others. I’d say your observation about “forgetting my own opinion” is useful. I’d suggest that there is a fundamental thing underneath it. WE are better collaborators when we first know ourselves!” What I notice as I read your blogs that each blog post is a way to share something about ourselves and both reflect to know ourselves and share that with others.

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