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First Week!

Sooo...let's begin! :-)

Yesterday morning I had my first class of Project Communities. My group and I were asked to talked about a challange we were assigned and ask a question to two members of NGO, Maggie and Alan. Our challange was based on the issues that are involving the Gogorobi Foundation, more specifically about fundraising and network expansion. We, as a team, had to find a possible fundraising strategy  to keep the storytelling tradition oCuracao and the Caribbean. What we came up with was to improve some of the ideas the company already had, such as the website itself. We would like to make people more attracted to this company and any other solutions to this problem are well accepted...... ;-)
We were thinking also about organising musical shows and making people more interested in the music of those lands. We believe that music can be a really powerfull way to express the thoughts and desires of the community.

What we did yesterday, I found it amazing and I hope I'm going to learn a lot from this. Project Communities appeared to me as a way to open my mind to new things. I found it interesting not only because we are engaged in issues of the Gogorobi Foundation but also because we are working in a team and developing our teamwork skills, which I think is one of the most important reuirements for an individual when he or she starts to setting up or just working for a company.
I believe that the purpose of this course is not just answering to the questions that are given us but it's something more complex and interesting. It's a strategy with which we learn through the use of comunication, sharing of ideas, creativity, our attitudes and also the use of the networks and online communities to face at the best the oportunities and the problems the world offers us. 
Secondly, I find myself very optimistic and I hope my members will agree with me in the future. I hope this course is going to teach us a lot about ourself and help us to get always better. As I am exploring during this time the different themes of online communities and networks I want to learn all the best ways to face my future problems and come up with all the possible design solutions.
Moreover, I wish that at the end of our work our team is going to be as one individual. Group of people in one person! I hope we are all going to have fun and learn, besides the Project Community course, also about each other. We are more all less coming from different countries with different cultures, traditions, religions and I personally want to learn how the world beatifully differs. 

Talking about me, I'm an Italian guy who arrived to The Hague two weeks ago for the first time and he is trying to get an idea of how is life outside his country!I am an Internation Baccalaureate student from Italy and I remember that in my school, during the service activities from CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), we were trained on finding any possible solutions to get money for example for poor people.
All the CAS hours I did changed me a lot and made me more aware of the problems facing my country and the world itself. Therefore, I will use my experiences and all my qualities of a young open innovator to find a solution to this problem and help to mantain the tradition.

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2 comments on “First Week!
  1. ibims says:

    good one patryck…good one…mafakula hahaha

  2. Meggie says:

    I find it quite amazing that although you didn’t find the assignment you did answer to almost all blog prompts. I wonder what you will come up with once you really start reading the assignments well!
    With regards confusiasm; Alan and me are not part of the NGO, that really belongs to Sheila Payne. Alan is our techn guy in the states and I’m your tutor.

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