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First day module 2

This was the day we started the second module of the Collateral Value class. We gained some new (old) students in class. They are second year students who decided to join the class. So, we had to put on our name tags again and start to get to know one and other. It’s incredible how many things you can get to know about a person in only 15 minutes. And not only by asking questions. Also his or her body language and their tone of speaking. Then we put together all those characteristics traits of everybody on the wall to look for similarities. Later on, we decided which course ideas we wanted to keep, which were rational to choose and which were fun. We had to do this in total silence for 25 minutes, a time of total focus. I think it’s a good way of spending some time in a course, because otherwise you won’t give your full attention to whatever in the course. Eventually we had to tag our name on those courses for which we want the full responsibillity with two other classmates. It was a bit of a race for which three persons were going to do which course.

It was a good day for collateral value. Things are getting more clear and more serious to have as a course. Attendency is important and keeping a diary of every week’s course is important for your grade at the end. I think it is good to be reflective on what you do, and why you have done it.

See ya next time.

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Final Video

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