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Final week

This is the last week blog for project community,  I’d like to make a short conclusion.

What is the one most important thing have you learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design? 

Well, choosing one important thing is a little bit difficult. The whole process is helpful to me. However, the crowd things really impressed me.

  • Although I used to believe that getting involved in a community is a big challenge of independence of thinking, and I’m afraid of that too much relying on the others inspirations would lead a way of kind of copy thing. Gradually, I found I was a little bit over worry about it.  No matter how brilliant you are, you cannot be good at each field, so, why not leave them to someone more familiar with? Sharing and learning is so important to young designers, I guess the experiences sometimes restrict me. Seems I should be more open-minded.
  • Internet is infinite, and nothing can stop its developing. No matter what you have, the problems, the precious ideas, etc. once you put them on the internet, you’ve been connected with tens of thousands of the users. The problems could be divided into small pieces, and easy to solve. The ideas might be enhanced to be an awesome one, and you even can get the investment to actualize it, etc. At end of the project, I found I’m abandoning the bias of network and I’m a kind of love crowds, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Standing on crowds’ shoulder, we see more. And also, hold it as a tool, we can do much more than before. Seems no one (people or community) can escape from being a digital native, so why not try to be a senior digital native. More and more communities would bring their business to internet and leave lots of opportunities and challenges to designers.

what are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks?

  • Customer demand reflecting,
  • flexible, expandable,
  • simple and easy to use
  1. I used to obscure art and design, I chased aesthetics more than other aspect. Once we think about design a online community or network, my first reaction is visualizing style, colorful module combination, logo, icon, button such kind of detail things. However, design is a way to solve problem, make things easier, faster, better. So users’ requirements should be considered as the most important thing.
  2. Flexible and expandable is the principle to insure that the structure of design is sustainable. When they need new developing, new functions, or need to abandon something old, we leave the space to fix or improve in advance.
  3. Simple and easy use. We can’t stand on our shoes to see the design, because the users (like our NGO staff members) are not designers or developers. When we introduce our product or service, the users should easily to understand how to use. Especially for a big community like Solidaridad, they have so many members in different areas speaking different languages, our design should make them understand by the first sight.

All in all, for me, there’s no need to afraid of  being a dot of network, and as a designer, be aware and be sharp. 

Thanks for this course showing me the whole design process, a little bit different with the way I used to do. Thanks for my group members,it’s a long time I haven’t been working in a big group, How intelligent you all are:)  Let’s finish the final project.

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3 comments on “Final week
  1. Nancy White says:

    Alas, I apologize for taking so long to circle back and read your blog (and everyones) after some crazy travel. I was happy to read that you discovered that communities and networks aren’t just about going along with the crowd to create boring, homogenized work! 🙂 We still need all the dots! (I liked the analogy!)

    Thanks again


  2. Jianyi Wang says:

    Video is the last and the most difficult part for our group, I have learned a lot from you. I thought you are already good designer, I can saw your design principles in our video, customer demand reflecting, flexible and simple. Hope we can get a great result!

    • JoJo says:

      thanks for your reply.
      We did good job in this 8 weeks,and we can give our project a good ending!fighting^_^

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