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A end is always a new start

I learned that it doesn’t matter if it is crowdsourcing or crowdfunding, finding the right community and network for your specific target is very important. And also consider how can you get, keep and grow the number of interested people.

I love working in teams, well most often offline, and now it opend for me a new dimension: Working online together with strangers. I know how important networks can be and I need to improve my network also offline.

It is very hard to keep discussions going on in online communities and networks. For my Masther thesis I have to find a topic and I tried to start a discussion with my colleges from Salzbourg. Even though it is very relevant for them, they do not like to join the conversations. I tried to trigger them with interesting links, shared my thoughts. Asked questions…

I lost my self in discovering Dieter Rams!

I tried to choose the most important ones for me but I can’t, because they are all so true and important. So I added my thoughts.


… is innovative  (by combining unusual things?)
… makes a product useful (how often I got mad because I couldn’t find it/ get it to work…)
… is aesthetic
… makes a product understandable
… is unobtrusive
… is honest
… is long-lasting (especially this should be more important nowadays for real and virtual products -> saves money)
… is thorough down to the last detail (with this I have a problem.. I do not work that detailed.. but I should)
… is environmentally friendly (or for Products even better: C2C)
… is as little design as possible

Having a clear structure and nice storyline through out your video/ blog post, website… helps to get and keep the attention of your reader. So keep it short and simple and show your audience visuals. Pictures attrac attention and explain things very often shorter and better than words.  And don’t forget to mention your sources. But also make it authentic. Don’t be to artificial. Show some emotions. We are still just humans.

My advice for newcomers is get to know your group. Spend some time with them not talking about your project.. share some food, memories, and jokes. You have to complete a tast and you can fulfill it the best when you know what are the strength and weaknesses of each team member and how you can motivate each other…

And set concreate deadlines. It will help you to work more focused.

And try not to write toooo much.. if you want people reading your blog post…

Keep it short and simple… well maybe next time…

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3 comments on “A end is always a new start
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hi Miriam

    I’m stopping by your blog to give a quick final thank you – very late, but still real!

    I loved your conversation with Anne about the frustrations of engaging people online. You are telling the story of my work every day and it made me smile.

    Thanks again for being part of project community.


  2. Anne says:

    Hey Miriam! Love your Title!
    And you’re kind of facing the same problem Solidaridad is facing. You and your colleagues are far apart and starting this online community and triggering the people to use it is hard. You have to think of a way to convince them in using this online service. Maybe a fun introduction? What can it do for them? What are the bennefits? Maybe it’s not fun enough. Maybe, as you say, you have to talk about fun things too to band..
    I know you and I know you will find it very annoying that they won’t participate as you are doing. But my advice to you is that you should open up your mouth about it! When you had certain troubles with us you kept it for most of the time for yourself and suddenly all kinds of things are wrong. And because of that all at once people can feel offended. When you directly say what’s going wrong in your eyes we can imediatly take that into count or discuss about it. Speak up! I said that in the beginning of this project with thinking of group rules, because some people maybe are more blind to those things than you are. I loved having you in the team and what you said was true! We’re doing this thing!
    Love you all,

    • Miri says:

      Thanks for your feedback.
      The other students are also not answering because they are stressed. Although the WE could help them they now try to solve it as a ME. (or they have other channels the can communicate with each other.. face to face.. because they meet in Salzbourg).

      Allways learning…

      see you

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