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Last but not least

So, this is it, here we are: at my last blog about project community.

First I want to thank all my fans/followers who have been reading and commenting on my blog posts every week! And I want especially thank my mom for following my blogs as a true fan every week! Love you all!

OK, enough with the award-winning-speach.

This week’s blog post question is pretty hard: What is the one most important thing I have learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design?

Well, I have learned a lot! I really had no idea about certain topics which have been discussed this couple of weeks. I wasn’t such an active networker on the internet before this assignment. I had no clue what crowdsourcing and crowdfunding was and what online communities can mean for the world. I guess the most important thing I have learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design is that designers can use them in many many ways! As a designer, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. It isn’t even recommendable to do so! As a designer you have to be critical to your own ideas and open-minded to others. If you put your ideas, insights or even troubles you’re facing out in the open on the internet, people all over the world can help! All these different kind of people with different cultures with different insights on life and stuff can help you improve your idea! They can give great feedback or even invest or donate to your plan! In this way you can get the best out of your innovative idea! The more different insights, the more open-minded, the merrier! The world is getting smaller because of all these online communities and we are all working together to make the best out of the greatest innovative ideas! To make the world a better and more fun place to live on! It’s amazing! It really has opened my eyes to networking. I’m defenitely taking all this into count when I am going to design.

Our class is in a way just like this online networking. All these different cultures are put together in project groups and all these different ideas are flowing around in a offline way to all these different insights on life. I really enjoyed my project group! We really want to make the best out of our ideas! And our team work is the best! We flow around ideas, collect them, improving them, and working them out!

We were a group of 7 people and we have learned right away we had to divide our tasks to be done every course, to be as productive as we can be! We connected this experience with the new insights we have received of the Group sizes subject we have discussed in class. Me, personally, connected a lot of subjects of the classes to my own life in becoming an open innovator. Like I said before I’m going to use the open network for my own innovative design ideas. And after working on designing an advice for our NGO so they can foster their work, I can come up with some design principles for innovative design for online communities:

  • Simplicity,    as a designer you are simplifying the world and people want easy access to everything nowadays
  • Implementability,    you want that your ideas can come true for your client and you don’t want to give him false hopes. So your ideas need to be realistic.
  • Productivity,    a good design is productive, it will provide your time to be as productive as possible
  • Understand context,     as a designer you first have to understand the context of your assignment and collect more insights before you go and design out of nothing.

(Regards to

Ok, this is is, here we are: At the end of my last blog post about project community! I am looking forward to all your presentations!

Yours truely,




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3 comments on “Last but not least
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hi Anna

    I like how you traced your learnings… excellent. One question — what advice do you have for next years Project Community students???

    Thanks for being part of Project Community


  2. Maria says:

    Critical to yourself and open minded to others – I think, that’s one of the main insights I got. Thank you for articulating it so clearly!

  3. Antonina says:

    I like your design principles. And your post is very clear, you have a food points about networking that ” different kind of people with different cultures with different insights on life and stuff can help you improve your idea”
    Good job!!!

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