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PRE- Review

Our project is drawing to an end, and look back upon the themes we learned

  • Me, we, network
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Crowd Funding
  • Marketing


and our NGO Solidaridad’s need,I think Crowd Funding might be the most important part. Actually I used to think about crowdsourcing, and obviously, them two have much in common, however, consider about the following reasons, I still picked crowd funding.

  • Capital is a necessary condition of enterprises manufacturing and management activities.


I heard about some persons in China worked for a NGO in Singapore helping cancer patients. Their main job is to raising fund by collecting data and seeking financial backing from big companies and organizations. They said it’s a little bit boring but they had no choice, because fund is so important. And a person worked in Bank come to visit (or examine?) the NGO, the question always is where your capital coming from?


We asked Maarten, and we knew Solidaridad do not has much capital for investing. So I think crowd funding might solve the problem, or at least reduce the difficulty of raising fund.

  • Solidaridad has lots of project all around the world. They train the producers and try to find a sustainable way to produce. However to be honest, in developing countries, find a sustainable way and assure to able to the benefits is harder than that in developed countries. Solidaridad might need more money to achieve the transformation. Crowd Funding are more suitable in these areas.


Why not others? Like crowdsourcing?

I do thought about crowdsourcing as the most important part in the process. Yes, it brings more ideas but less cost. However, consider about that Solidaridad already has their expertise groups, and durpal comments would offer an intranet platform to help them work closer and easier, I think they need more capital than human resource. Of course, crowdsourcing also could be an important part.

Before the end of the project, I do happy to participate in and I hope our video can bring more ideas to members of Solidaridad, and draw more attention from publics on Solidaridad.


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5 comments on “PRE- Review
  1. You’re lucky to get so much good feedback JoJo! Bothe on the crowdsourcing and the crowdfunding… I think an added ‘sponsor button’ is great, but also thinking about how the me, we, network will be able to find the right person at the right time… That’s a challenge!

  2. JoJo says:

    For our NGO, equity crowdfunding and donation crowd funding (learned from your blog) would be appropriate I think.

    Although there are couple of the crowd funding platforms already, maybe we also can add the funding part into Solidaridad’s own platform , at least publish the funding raising on their own page and some famous crowd funding website at the same time. Using the bigger platform to transfer more investors to our NGO

  3. Anne says:

    Hey Jojo,
    You say that crowdsourcing wouldn’t be THAT important to Solidaridad, because they have their expertise groups already.
    Well, at my part, the ME-WE-NETWORK part, I see the whole Solidaridad as a Network too. All these colleagues are all over the world and have no idea of each others existense for that matter. So, using an open blog at the new platform to get the personal ideas and insights out in the “open” and the option that others can react to these blogs… Wouldn’t that be a kind of crowdsourcing? You could get great feedback of people of other expertises. There would be great knowledge exchange on the platform! And isn’t that what crowdsourcing is about?
    Love, Anne

    • JoJo says:

      I agree with you, Anne:) The platform we recommending is really good for the Solidaridad staff members, especially for expertise groups communicating.

      Actually, to choose the most important part of these themes is quite difficult. Like Miriam said, each part is every important, and the main job for us is integration, to combine them working efficiency. 

      I just think that aboundance of capital would be the guarantee and power to support everything.

      Thank you for your reply 🙂

  4. Miri says:

    Hey Jojo,
    You choose crowdfunding as the most important theme. Maybe you could go a little bit deeper? What would you recommend SOLIDARIDAD which crowdfunding type they should use? Should the have it limited to certain projects and campaigns or general? Should they work with a crowdfunding platform (and which one?) or embedding a “funding” button to the main webpage?
    I wish you a nice week without going to school.. Take you some time of.. CU Miri

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