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In these weeks we were pointed at some pretty cool and helpful subjects such as crowdsourcing and funding but this week’s subject, marketing and customer support is a game changer, at least for my group in my opinion.

Our challenge being how to introduce a platform to Solidaridad our NGO which is an international organization filled with workers all over the globe and who work in different areas and with different products that at this moment work in separate platforms or communities, talking and sharing data in no official way or place, is really hard, people are used to this way of working, what they don’t know is that it would be much easier to work with everyone in only one ideal place for the whole organization, and that is our job, to help convince them that it in deed is the best way to work.

And that is where the customer support subject from this week kicks in, if we manage to give the right suggestions(hopefully we will) and it ends up working, the customer support is a way for the employees and employers to give their own feedback on how the new intranet is going, if it needs any kind of change or if it really is what they needed, it’s our job to make the right suggestions but the NGO is the one who is making the decisions and last but not least, they are the ones who decide the budget.

Don’t get me wrong all the other subjects from the past weeks are really important as well but this one is what will help us the most. the first reason as I said with the use of customer support the workers will have a say in what the NGO is doing in terms of the new intranet, after all it is for THEM, every comment or suggestion will be of use and will help them improve and solve what’s wrong.

The second reason is for the users, when they have trouble understanding how it works, if at some point during the use or if something is going to be added, any kind of new feature, someone is always going to have some problems with it and the NGO probably is not going to give tutorial on how to use everything, specially not when little things are added, so the customer support will be of great help for the ones without the gift of “fast web understanding” that most young people have.

And the third reason why this week’s subject is superior to the others in terms of helping our group’s project isn’t as much for the NGO as it is for us, Solidaridad surely has their marketing experts to help them, but we don’t, the marketing part of this week is helping us sell our own suggestions in a better way or maybe in a clearer way, a way that they will see our point and understand more easily WHY they really do need to use the new intranet, from the information we’re passing on to them, which involves all the other weekly subjects. Marketing is what makes every idea sound cooler.

The marketing and customer support part seems to be more important for me then for other people in other groups or maybe even in my group, it’s a bummer because I really think it would help but as Luca and Siras from group 6 said they are having the same problem as my group, not receiving as much information from NGO about the intranet as we were promised so without that it’s kind of hard to think about customer support, because we don’t know what is the stage the intranet is on, if it’s ready or if it’s going in the right direction for them. So as Maarten said in one of our classes…”sometimes you have to KILL YOUR DARLINGS”

Almost there guys, see ya next week

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