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WEEK 7 #

We almost done our project communities lessen, we are in week 7, and week 8 is the deadline of our works, media presentation. Actually at the beginning of Project Community I was a little bit confused. I have no idea about this class; just introduce Drupal to our NGO? But during the 7weeks, I understand it is not such easy thing, we explored the four segments, what could Drupal support and what our NGO most needed, the end work and the most important work for our group is – put our experience of teamwork, our knowledge of four hands, our technology and design skills into this project, give our NGO the most suitable suggestions as a video.


Last week we were meeting on Wednesday, we thought we are going right and pretty ok, we could finish everything before the deadline, but we fund we still have a lot work to do after our tutor’s advice, it was not feeling good of every group member, I remember the meeting start at 3.45 end at 7.45, we made a completed storyboard and divided different tasks to everyone, we made a timeline that could make sure we could finished every work before the deadline. After the meeting, even though we know we got a lot of work to do, but we are in a right way, we could have a well done in the end, we are confident.


So what the best way to meet our NGO’s need is? After we exploring crowdsourcing, teams, and crowdfunding, marketing, I think I got the result, merge those four parts because every part have it unique advantage.

Our NGO needs to have a platform to connect “me, we, network”, to exchange document and knowledge, Solidaridad has 10 regional expertise centers around the globe working together, the intranet platform of internal communications & community are very needed – Drupal commons.

-They can share their documents and learning in this platform, there is a function like Dropbox, -you can download the useful document that uploaded form other member.

-There have an inbox function, you could send message in everywhere and every time.

-They could organize online meeting like Google hangout, it really saving time.

-It has an event timetable that you can check in order to meet the time.

-Everyone has their personal zone, it include personal detail and your personal blog.

Until now, Drupal looks like an internal platform, what we want to do is to improve the level to marketing strategy. We have learned about Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding, how could those thing help Solidaridad’s marketing strategy, a way for the client to gain access to potential users.

People’s power is stingless, why don’t Solidaridad use the power form internet, collect the marketing strategy from crowdsourcing platform? This way is better than just collect the opinion form employee, it is low-cost, and fast, it also builds the relationship with their customers.

In the other hand, Solidaridad could put their marketing strategy in crowdfunding platform, Solidaridad could not only collecting funding but also get more fans of their organization, the contributor would pay more attention to their project, and come up with more idea to the development.

I believe we will have a good ending, not just a belief, we need hardworking now.

CU tomorrow

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  1. Great brainstorming techniques! I would like to know more about Drupal and how this can be molded to fit their needs even better. Have a great break!

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