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Almost at the end

We’re almost at the end of this project. Still lots to do and the stress is getting bigger and bigger. I feel a designer already!


Well, this image is not quite good, because I don’t think "Fuck off" in that period, there should be written "Relax! You have the time!" or something… I’m not in real panic yet, but I think it will come to me soon.

Now we have discussed all the different themes, I have the idea that solving the “Me, We, Networks”-continuum for our NGO is the best way to help them in this project. You can fill in this continuum for them and recommend at each point what kind of tools will improve the work for each part to be done. Like the “Me”-part is about the individual, or for our NGO’s sake: the individual member of Solidaridad. And so, in the name of the main problem of Solidaridad in our project, we can recommend Solidaridad a personal profile on their new platform.

  • In this way they can organize their own stuff at the platform
  • They can have a personal inbox so they can exclude e-mail so that everything is together at one platform
  • They can contribute to an open blog for wider knowledge exchange between Solidaridad members. (That open blog is an advice which can be filled in at the “Network”-part)
  • And they can edit their profile settings to make the profile more personal, for example in which time-zone they live, so other members can see if it is the time to contact this person.

And then when you discuss the “Me”-part you can think of groups or teams of expertise or even a group of ambassadors which have to meet online or offline. These groups can be seen as small communities. In this part we can recommend Solidaridad to have group spaces on the platform, because it will be better for the team work to work in smaller groups.

  • This will provide the teams to organize their work better and for better communication because they may be far a part from each other
  • It will have a document archive for document change and the easyness to look up certain documents again, with handy search tool within.
  • Then you can recommend the platform to have an agenda with a function to invite members to a specific event (like an online meeting, with the video-call tool on the platform, which is recommended too because they’re so far a part and meeting in person isn’t that easy to plan)

And when you thinking of the “Network” you can think of the whole Solidaridad as a network. All the members don’t know other colleagues who are living a cross the world. And Solidaridad wants to create some knowledge exchange between all these members. So an open blog is in this case highly recommended, for example.

  • This will provide a wider knowledge exchange about found solutions and new ideas which each member can bring in with their personal profile.
  • With nice hashtags which can be included into the blogs the search for certain projects and ideas, problems and solutions around them can easily be found
  • And people can react at these blogs, for improving the ideas with each other and to get great feedback.

And these 3 parts of the continuum are working together! They are all connected. The “Me”-person is also a part of the “We” and they are also a part of the whole “Network”.
And the knowledge exchange at the “Network”-part can be used in the “We”- and the “Me”-part. And so can the ideas of 1 person of the “Me”-part can contribute to the “we” and the “network” part.


And what is so lovely about this continuum, you can fill it in in any kind of way. Like, in your own team, or in the whole world, or in a community.


So, back to the first piece of text and to go back to the top image: I think every team will get in that ‘panic zone’ very soon or already feeling it. My advice to all is to plan your work to be done very well and keep your heads cool! Then you can get the best results! I am very curious what other groups have made from these projects!



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9 comments on “Almost at the end
  1. Anne says:

    I feel honered for being scooped!

  2. Marcelo says:

    Very hard to comment this week, really cool post anne, I agree with every bit of it, really liked it, but all compliments aside, commenting on another person’s opinion is very hard, the drawing there is very right as well, it’s always like that and I thought the connection you did with every part of the me we networks with our challenge was very handy, I think you noticed it since nancy like your post so much hahahaha.

    just a couple more days and we’ll be done, till then, keep it up, still hahaha

  3. Jianyi Wang says:

    I like the picture you post, we really near the deadline now, but we are sure we could done it well.
    I think we have the similar idea of the suggestions to NGO because we already start to think about it together, so the most difficult thing it how could we put our idea into an video ~

  4. Nancy White says:

    I sometimes go back and edit my blog too (at Because some people read it via blog readers, I also put a note at the bottom or where I edited to let them know it changed. It is funny, but I feel an obligation to be “true to my words” and when I need to fix or improve something, make it transparent. (Beyond little typos! I make lots of typos when I go too fast.) But I relish the chance to learn and improve, especially after a comment from a reader or a tweet from a friend. I guess you can tell I’m in love with learning! ;-)_

  5. Anne says:

    I edited my blog, put that working together part in their to improve my blog! Thank you very much for pointing that out Nancy!
    Love, Anne

  6. Nancy White says:

    YES! (I want a LIKE button!)

  7. Anne says:

    That would be a great honor Nancy! Love it that you like this a lot! It’s the greatest compliment! Of course you may use it!

    And that’s a really good thing to think about… It’s a hard one really…
    I think they are all connected, like that “Me”-person is also a part of the “We” and those are also a part of the whole “Network”.
    And the knowledge exchange at the “Network”-part can be used in the “We”- and the “Me”-part. And so can the ideas of 1 person of the “Me”-part can contribute to the “we” and the “network” part.

  8. Nancy White says:

    Wow, what a great application of the continuum. May I share your story with some of my other networks? It is a great example.

    Have you considered how the parts of the “me-we-network” work together? There might be an image there useful in your presentation.

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