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Crowded in a Good way

Week 6 subject in my opinion is what makes the difference in today’s market, no only for design companies but for EVERY single project you can think of.

We learned about crowdsourcing in week 4 and we saw and learned how awesome and useful it is to be able to use this resource, Imagine being stuck with something like a school project or if you have a company and you have a new Idea but you don’t know where to go with it, you just choose one crowdsourcing website send out your information and doubts and you get feedback on that problem not having to pay for anything, just depending on people that are willing to help you, if you can tell that that isn’t one of the most handy things anyone has created, you are insane. I believe our NGO already uses some of these methods, and with every reason, being who they are and doing the kind of work they do, some difficulties must come along at some point, Crowdsourcing also has it’s downsides, depending on other people’s good will isn’t that easy and you don’t always get what you expect, maybe not a complete answer or a complete explanation of how to go on with your problem or idea but hey….anything is better than nothing right?

And this week we had crowdfunding, If you think Crowdsourcing is helpful, Imagine getting money from people that support what you’re trying to do or to create, that amazing and you only have to pay a small amount of money of no money at all depending on what or where you’re doing.Kickstarter, Indiegogo and some pretty recognized Crowdfunding resources, you or your company can use them to raise money for almost ANYTHING paying a small fee, considering you can raise thousands of money…who doesn’t want to see people giving their money to support what you are doing, you may not get there on your goal but again, anything is better than nothing. Regarding Solidariedad, Luca from group 6 said “To Solidaridad, I believe that crowdfunding may not be so useful. This is because is a well-established firm and doesn’t need aid from the community but aids its community. Even if did, it would be an unbeneficial amount.”, I really don’t agree with that, any amount is a beneficial  amount and even being well-established they DO need to raise more money, in our talk with Maarten from the NGO he said that they have a low budget to  invest in the Drupal website, they still need to improve in that matter but doing what they do, they invest in more crucial matters and leave the the communication part behind which is also a very important subject, without a good communication within the NGO, they will never have a great outcome…and communication being only ONE thing they can invest the raised money in. They have a great cause, shouldn’t be hard nor take long to get what they want out of crowdfunding and if they don’t, there isn’t a real DOWNside for crowdfunding in my opinion.

All together for one purpose!!!

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Hellen Keller

See ya next week


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One comment on “Crowded in a Good way
  1. JoJo says:

    Nice post, I gradually recognized that students here are more active to express themselves and deliver their opinions freely. Am I be locked too long to speak honestly? Once I tried to say something frankly I would feel uncomfortable…

    I like your post, you make the theme we learned relevant to many aspects, our NGO’s investment, the market in nowadays, etc.

    If you really interested in crowdfunding, why not to participate in it, might be a young millionaire ~~~~ if you got a nice idea. Think about it, haha

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