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follow the crowd

It is great how entrepreneurship changed with the help of the new media. If you have a new Idea, you do not have to go to the bank anymore. You can start your own funding campaign and find your crowd that believes in your idea. Some entrepreneurs use Crowdfunding as an validation of their idea, and go after their funding goal to a bank and ask additional for a credit.


If it just would be so easy…. only 44 % of Kickstarter project reach their funding goal. Somehow I do feel very sorry for them. But on the other side it is just natural. The best idea will survive.

Some Crowdfunding pages I explored..

I think Kickstarter is the most famous platform. Most project on Kickstarter are from the US. I think you need to be US-resident to start a campaign (movies, theaters, comics, art, food, games, music, photography, products,..but no funding for your next vacation). Kickstarter charges a 5% fee for every successful project. What happens when a kickstarter-project doesn’t get the money, they were looking for? Do the backers get their money back? According to Kickstarter they only charge your card if the funding goal is reached.

Amanda Palmer had 25,000 backers that supported her album, book and tour.

Everyone can receive fund. Indiegogo get 4% from every campaign. And there might be some additional fees, depends on where you are from.

If you choose the “flexible Funding” you get the money you raised so far even when your campaign failed. Indiegogo charges you than a 9 % fee.

Also RocketHub charges a 4% fee for successful projects and 8% for failed funding goals.

They divide fundraiser into 4 categories: Nonprofits, Individuals, Corporations and Foundations. Uses technological advantages of iPhone app, Donations Widget and Facebook Widget.

Charges just 2.9% fee of total fund.

Crowdrise helps to raise money for Charity (like animal welfare, arts, cultures, diseases, education and religion). You could even raise money for you birthday, wedding or own project. mmh… maybe my next world travel…

Than there are crowdfunding pages, speciall for every country.

It might be a trend. It is new… It is exciting… but how long? Maybe in the future people will get bored and do not support many crowdfunding platforms.

There are so many Crowdfunding platforms but I have not seen any combination of Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding. Do you know one page that combines both very good?

For example I do like the idea of Buca-boot a lockable bike basket. Especially in the netherland it could have a huge market. But I do not like the design of it at all. So why don’t use Crowdsourcing to make a very good product and than more people want to back your product.

Crowdfunding is for creating a buzz, word-of-mouth and for financing.

I think crowdsourcing is a lot of work. Maybe more work than to go to a bank clerk. Convincing the crowd maybe harder than convincing the bank. Getting one vote may be tough, but getting many is tougher.


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2 comments on “follow the crowd
  1. Willem says:

    I think crowdfunding takes a lot of work too. But it doesn’t give you money alone like a bank, which even costs money. Also you have contact with your future customers and you are promoting your product.

  2. Maria says:

    I like the idea of verifying your idea by the crowd. It combines 2 points:
    – you project should be worked out enough to persuade others;
    – you need a bit of luck, which is an additional approval by the universe: the world needs your project and it is the right time for it.

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