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Teamwork makes a dream work

I think the best way to introduce this weeks blog prompt is to start with a quote of Henry Ford, which describes the success of teamwork.

'Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is a progress.

Working together is success. ‘

In the previous 5 weeks we were ‘forced’ to work in several groups with randomly picked group members together. The start was never easy, because we didn’t knew each other well and on top of that was this big cultural difference between all of us. But after a while i started to understand what the idea behind these groupworks is. It is the best way to experience new, challenging situations and get to know each other better. I guess without these groupworks i wouldn’t have had the chance to talk to all of the colleagues i worked with. We experienced different kinds of teamwork and group sizes, from groups of 2 to groups of 12. It is about getting the best out of your group by pulling together.


Especiallyin the groups formed for Project Community, cooperation and collaboration are main impacts. We are a rather big group of 7 people with 6 different nationalities and in addition the group consists of 6 girls and one boy. I couldn’t even imagine a better mixed up group than ours, but i really enjoy working together with them. Each of us is very enthusiastic and willing to work, and that motivates me. We can laugh and have fun together but in the same time also work intensively together. We are aware of each other and always helpful. We get along in spite of the size of our group. What is the theme of Week 5 - Group size.

Since we spend so much time together in meetings, we intensify our work and become more and more one strong chain instead of single pieces. What works really well in our team is that we listen to each other carefully and respond. Everyone brings his own ideas and insights and we try to gain the best result out of it. Though sometimes it’s just a mess, when we’re exhausted or hungry, but we still can pull ourselves together and motivate each other. 

Actually I never thought about the impact of culture in a group because totally forget about the nationality of my group members when we are together, because we talk in a universal language. I am an open-minded person and vey curious about other cultures and their habits, thats why I really appreciate these differences between us. 

Though I can see a good development from meeting to meeting, we still can improve as a team. In the future I will try to focus deeply on our project and prepare myself before we meet to get sure, we can quickly start working and reflecting. It’s not about finishing your individual given assignment, moreover it is about helping each other whenever and wherever we can, because…

'If you want to go fast, go alone.
 If you want to go far, go together.’

(-african proverb)

At the very end I want to share this advertise with you, which shows how teamwork can lead you to success. 

The Power of Teamwork

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4 comments on “Teamwork makes a dream work
  1. Giovanni says:

    The quotes you used are really fitting with the topic and i guess also inspiring. I really like how you talk about how things are going within the team, and also about how the team works, and also the way you know how to improve.

  2. Anne says:

    I agree woth Maarten I am very inspired by your quotes!
    Also the bringing together and keeping together and working together quote!

    I really love these feedbacks on How our Group is. I love you guys too!

  3. Fernanda says:

    Loved the quotes you used, too. All of them. And I also decided that being well prepared for the meetings is a good method to keep motivated and productive. I guess all of it is becoming clear 🙂

  4. Big smile!
    ‘If you want to go fast, go alone.
    If you want to go far, go together.’
    Love that one

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