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Groups – week 5

This week on our Project Community class we learned about group sizes, not as interesting to me as the other subjects we’ve had in the the past weeks but I see where this came from. As we all know, it’s very hard to work in groups, specially if you don’t really know the people in the group very well, not only that but if you are working with friends it can be even harder to work along, as we in Projcomm work in groups of 6 or 7 people we can tell you by experience that it’s awesome but also very difficult sometimes as well.

As Chris Corrigan said in our class video, when working in big groups, our ideas may crash with ideas coming from other team mates, this applies to any circumstance, If you divide the group (1 edge) in smaller groups (more  edges) the main problem will be worked in a much more efficient way because it will be divided, maybe you don’t agree with EVERYONE but that someone that you don’t agree with may agree with someone else, since you only brainstorm with a small amount of people, the ideas flow much easier, and then at the end you match your small groups’ideas and work on the solved problem as a whole group again.


Our Group does pretty much every thing together, yes 7 people work together, and it works very well, well not ALL the time but most of the times. When the group has problems you just have to discuss them, and since we assign tasks to everyone we don’t crash our ideas, each one does their own work and when it’s time to come together we see if it fits or if something needs to be changed, the final decisions are made as a whole just as Chris said, but yes, SOMEtimes we know it’s best to divide the groups and we do that and it works perfectly as well but we as a group get along just fine even being from different places, Russia, Brazil, Germany, China or The Netherlands and having different cultures, as Antonina from my group said in her blog post “we like to discuss in breaktime our differences. For example, yesterday we were talking about food in different countries. We talk on a universal language, which everybody knows.”.I totally agree with that our group may take a while to get somewhere but we get there and we do what we have to do and it works, being and whole group or separating us in smaller groups, we just need more communication and quick thinking, aside from that I don’t think our group needs major improvement, I think and the rest of my group will agree, we do some pretty good work together and we have fun with it.

A big thanks to my group

and see you next week

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4 comments on “Groups – week 5
  1. Lucie says:


    it really seems to me, that your group is working well together. I can also read that in your group mates posts 🙂 I would like to know what media (e.g. Googledrive, facebook…) you use to collect all your ideas? Or do you discuss them and one person collects them?

  2. Anne says:

    I feel hurt
    Antonia gets credits for something I said 🙁
    And as Miriam said I also like that you refer to other blogs (even somebody is striking with my honour right now) no just kidding
    It really is fun to have all those cultures put together

  3. Marcelo says:

    Thanks miriam, hopefully I get more than a “good” this time hahahaha

    I’ll bring something next time, promise

  4. Miri says:

    I really like, that you allways refer to others blogs.
    It is allways fun to work with you..
    bring cookies the next time..

    cu miri

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