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Group #1

Its been 5 weeks since the group 1 was collected. We have chosen randomly each other from the viewpoint that we are from different countries and have not worked together during first 4 days. It is a big challenge for me to work in a team, where nobody speaks my language. so, it helps me to improve my english. Actually, our group goes fine and gets better every our meeting.

When you work on a project it is really important to give each member of a group their specific roles. Also group members could be devided on a smaller groups, like 2 people do the same work together, just not to waste time. I think this factors will provide a better outcome in the end.


Big groups are usually consists of 6+. People should devided on a smaller parts, depending on their skills. Each person should have a work to do. At the end of deadline, which group will establish, every group member will share information which they found.

The small groups are consists of 2-5 people. It is better to work in such a small groups because its easier reflect their ideas.

What about the Culture? We never had any problem with that, we like to discuss in breaktime our differences. For example, yestarday we were talk abou food in different countries. We talk on universal language, which everybody knows.

I think that we havent got big problems in our group, all of us are motivated because, everybody want a good mark. Maybe we have to write a plan in the beggining of our meeting. But we already start improve that on the meeting on Wednesday.



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2 comments on “Group #1
  1. Jianyi Wang says:

    I also agree with your opinion, even though we came from different countries, we all speak English and that is also improving my English!

  2. Marcelo says:

    Cool antonina, I agree, our group needs a plan on the beginning ’cause we are a bit slow at first but aside from that we are pretty good together

    GOGO group1

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