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Me and Online Spaces

Nowadays almost every single person in the world have an internet connection.image

Number of internet users in 2012

Source: International Telecommunications Union

I’m using social networks since I was a little girl. But in early ages I was not really care about which social networks are suits me or which one is really useful. I signed up just because it was fashionable to be in this network. But now, when I grew up, I realized the importance of the online world. It is much easier to communicate and interact with people. In general I use online spaces as an individual to post photos or information, which I like. Of course I met a lot of new people, knowledge and other different stuff. And the main reason why am I using online spaces is to share with people. It doesn’t matter what.

I am in a variety of private groups. The most of them consist from my friends or group mates. Because there are a lot of situations when you have to sign in a group. A good example of it is our Project Community group, where people share by their ideas and thoughts. Such groups will help you not to lose information. They make your life easier just because you don’t need to write or send the same letter to everybody, just put it on the wall in your group and everybody will see it.

I most often use twitter, just because I can see what people are thinking and worry about. But when I moved to Europe, I started to use Facebook. But i simply use it, like, not so active in posting and reading information from this network. The most comfortable is twitter and instagram. These online spaces are a bit similar; they have one purpose, to show what’s happening to you. Twitter is a platform of text communication and Instagram – of posting images. Also these kinds of social networks haven’t got such a lot of rubbish as Facebook have.


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One comment on “Me and Online Spaces
  1. Dilay says:

    As I can gather from your blogpost, you prefer online platforms where you can share and show, as an individual, but not communicate or interact with others, which is a very important factor of online platforms, to me.
    At least, i agree with you about the facebook-trash, but if you know how to handle the trash it will stay where it belongs.

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