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week 2 assignment


1.       How do you understand our class goals?

I think our goal is to understand communities and networks as a team, how communities and networks can support innovative design. I believe through the process of teamwork, we will have new insight of designing because we sharing our idea to group member, we listen to each other and compare our ideas, then we get the most practical idea to do our work , we can learn many ideas from others as well as many technology design skill.


2.       What do you need and want to learn as you/we explore the different themes from application of online communities and networks to open innovation design?

I want to learn Google Hangout like yesterday during the lesson, it is very useful and interest, and we put our question on Meetingword in different color by different group, everything are very new for me, now I am using Tumblr to write blog and it will shows on our group page, there are many thing I need to learn and I am very interesting in every new online technology tools.


3.       What would you like the outcome of your team’s project to look like?

I expect our project can be remembered by everyone who looks at our work. It would not only look like a finished project but also a perfect surprise. Our project will include creativity and innovative.


4.       What “specialty quality” will you bring and contribute?

I am not good at manage a team and some designing work, but I will comply with team leader and never lazy. I was major in IBMS program, I know many research methods and marketing things and I am good at drawing, I will do my best to contribute our project.

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One comment on “week 2 assignment
  1. Nancy White says:

    GOod first post, Jianyi… very clear. I like that I can get to know you a bit from #4. Do you have any drawings you can share with us? (I like to draw too. You can see my work here:

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