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First Project Community Post

From my understanding the whole project community purpose with the NGOs is to gather what all the students have in terms of individual skills and knowledge by making them work in a subject that they are not familiar with, in groups and little by little making them feel more comfortable with each other and with that making each one feel comfortable to share their own and unique ideas with the group and at the end with everyone working together, the students will improve themselves, their ideas  and make a huge contribution to the entity who proposed the issue that they were having, in this case our NGOs.

Working on social networks is a very interesting method of getting things and ideas out in the world and making new contacts, but as I was talking and asking some questions yesterday to Alan(levine), I said that it is still a bit weird for me and probably to some of my classmates to use social networks for this purpose WITH PROFESSORS and getting graded on it, I think everyone is used to using these networks for day to day things like, talking to friends and family but I think It will be very very interesting to use them for other purposes, specially with a project like this one, using Tumblr comes in handy because we want people to know about the project and since our posts are open and here probably forever it makes everything that much awesome, makes it easier to accomplish I think some of the project and my group’s goals, which is to be relevant, innovative and long-lasting, I’d like our NGO to be successful and we want them to remember how much effort we put in each week and with everyone of the themes we will be given, so we know we are helping something great be recognized and at the same time get some recognition ourselves for using our own skills. Being recognized by bringing ideas to the group with my drawings or drawing something that the group needs and uses for our project along with other people’s abilities would be a great use of my “special quality” and of course I could bring some joy and a bit of sense of humor when things or people get too stressed out.

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3 comments on “First Project Community Post
  1. Nancy White says:

    I had to smile when I read ” I said that it is still a bit weird for me and probably to some of my classmates to use social networks for this purpose WITH PROFESSORS and getting graded on it, ”

    What has been remarkable in my life is the impact of my social networks on my professional life, not just personal. IN fact my exploration started with the professional and led to the personal. My wish for all of you this course is that you build your ability to gain from and contribute to the world – through design and other things – through these networks! There is so much potential here! But for some, it will be a new world!

    • Marcelo says:

      Thank you Nancy, I tried to be as much comfortable and as much ME as possible, and yes getting grade on this is still pretty weird but I’m now getting used to it. looking forward to doing some remarkeble things with this project and many more to come.

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