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Proud of Iris van Herpen

Proud of Iris van Herpen:

Iris van Herpen is a great designer. She won both the fashion award and the overall award of last week’s Dutch Design Week. She happens to be my cousin and we are all really proud of her. I love her work and it’s easy to feel proud of her for producing it. But I am even more proud of her for her focus on her work and how she is always deciding for herself what she thinks is important and what not. She could be on television way more often if she wanted to (and which PR people will tell her is good for her). But she focuses on her work instead. I wish for great succes for all of my students, but most of all I wish for them be able to stay true to themselves.

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3 comments on “Proud of Iris van Herpen
  1. Miri says:

    Great work… I like how she experiments with materials and structures…

  2. Viktorija says:

    I saw her work on the Dutch Design Week and I just loved it. I was very impressed by the forms and materials. It is real artworks. I am, so, glad that she has won the awards 🙂

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