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Moving Forward

Are you struggling with the freedom to do something… or not,… to be involved… or not,… to take action… or not,… to read the module guide and ask questions ahead of time… or not,…

I was shocked yesterday during the Hangout. There weren’t many questions from the groups. Does that mean everything is crystal clear? I don’t think so.

The day planning was posted on FB, the Hangout was already set to go at 14:45, I checked by the groups to see if they were ready, MeetingWords was set and posted. I’m curious as to find out why the hangout works sometimes, but other times it’s a disaster. It’s not just the WiFi. What is it? 

Help us (me) understand. Please post your remarks and suggestions here.

For example, one of Janneke’s team members made a summary of the days tasks for her group. Great example of a strong community action. It’s always great to see that.

Let’s move forward together :-)

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One comment on “Moving Forward
  1. Laura says:

    This was the summary, Miriam made it:

    1. MARKETING: what online communities for marketing, customer support and/or customer feedback can we/solidaridad use?
    1.1 What elements are relevant to their challenge (what is their challenge?) and how can online groups + networks address those elements?
    Describe a potential strategy, show relevant examples and justify your recommendations.
    1.2 Strategize a monitoring and evaluation strategy for your proposed solution.
    1.3 summarize what you will tell them.

    2. STORYBOARD: bring all informations together and make a storyboard

    3. HANGOUT: prepairing question, share e-mail, set up Google Hangout (2 people) 2 laptops (1 for talking, 1 for taking notes)

    Great Involvement!

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