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“The culture we live in is one that cultivates insecurity, and instills false hopelessness which…”

“The culture we live in is one that cultivates insecurity, and instills false hopelessness which perpetuates our problems. Even innovation, which could engender true renewal, feeds the beast much more often than it feeds the shift. Human relationships, perhaps our most fundamental source of power and strength, also mostly exist in this matrix of cultivated insecurity. The core question is what kinds of interventions have a nonzero chance of inducing system change – that is, lasting behavioral change. I think that, to get to the core, it is necessary to transform the way people experience relationships - and not just close ones. Things like joy and transcendence have to be worked into our deep inner picture of how relationships work. Because they enable each of us – rich or poor – to care for each other and give without expectation of return. Some people are actually able to create experiences that have this effect. I call them artists, though many of them do not use that particular label. Now, some experiences will elevate your spirit for a moment and then let you return to reality. But some experiences will plant a seed within you, one that actually takes root and eventually shifts how you act towards others by connecting you to personal truth. Of all forms of art, the creation of experiences that create community, liberate joy, open possibilities, and enable participants to express their personal truth to one another are perhaps the ones we most desperately need. I believe there needs to be many bold social experiments made in community-building and culture hacking – efforts at creating persistent spaces that allow the power we already have to be exercised, that allow our gifts to be put in service of the whole, that allow people to feel valued for what they have given away rather than for what they have kept. And these experiments need to be aware of and learn from one another. The art of community needs to be cultivated.”

- Seb Paquet wrote this beautiful post on Facebook and as I was thinking about the NGO Challenges for our Project Community Teams. I think there is a great message, idea or even lesson here for us as we embark on Project Community this year!
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