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A universe of Reflections :)

There are many important things to take away from this week’s kick-off, the most important of which for me was getting to know my fellow colleagues I will be working with over the next few years. Given the opportunity to meet all these new creative people with pre-determined goals, I experienced self-growth into a more self-oriented individual.

I got a sense for the amount of imagination and creative thinking required for our upcoming practical coursework. The kickoff week activities challenged me to think about many of the commonalities between the varied topics discussed, from teamwork to crafting innovative solutions. I would like to gain the skills to cultivate the information I need through online networks to create an effective innovative solution.

I have aspirations for our team to be able to effectively create motivation from sponsors to find the funds needed by the Gogorobi Foundation through targeted advertising. This week I discovered that everyone has different strengths in certain areas and I hope to contribute with my ability to be persuasive in a debate situation.

I am really looking forward to expanding my knowledge by the courses we attend every day.

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3 comments on “A universe of Reflections :)
  1. Meggie says:

    Stefan, looking like a good start. Although my blabla detector goes kind of in the red when I read “skills to cultivate the information I need through online networks to create an effective innovative solution” I think I understand what you are trying to say but I’m not quite sure. Or is using this kind of language typical for the way you express yourself. I’m curious to find out more!

  2. Stefan says:

    Yes, i also really like to get more oriented into what makes me motivated and happy to do it.

  3. Nancy White says:

    OK, NOW I found the original post, Stefan, and it makes sense! 😉 It will be interesting to notice what enables you to be self motivated in this course. I think some people find it easy, others find it very challenging. It is not one of those things were we “give you the content” and you replay it back to us. It is a peer to peer exploration!

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