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Week 2: Fundraising and network expansion


This is my first post on tumblr.

I think the goal of the class is to get trained in using of community platforms like blogs to support a project. Furthermore we should find a sustainable solution to support a NGO.

I expect to get more skilled in using and creating blogs and other online communities. This is my first time using a blog. So everything is new, but i am excited to explore the possibility of working with blogs.

Moreover I would like to create a outcome with my group, which is feasible and becomes true. Therefore it would be nice, if we as students profit by the 8 weeks of study and also the Gogorobí Foundation.

Actual I am not sure about my “specialty quality”, but hopefully my team and I will discover this in the following 8 weeks. However i like to work as a team.

I am looking forward to have 8 instructive weeks with my group and the rest of the program.


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3 comments on “Week 2: Fundraising and network expansion
  1. Meggie says:

    Hi Felix, you managed to get up and running and you answered the blog prompts, that’s great! You can work on your blogging skills. Remember we talked about reflective? So when you say that you don’t know about your skills that makes me wonder why? Where you never asked before? Did you not work in teams before? Why is it difficult to answer that? Because you are modest or beause it is not in your culture to say that you are good at something? Next timeI hope to see more of that kind of information in there so I end up with more of a complete picture and less questions…

  2. Mario Levon Mirzahanyan says:

    Hi Felix,
    I totally agree with you about the usage of community platforms.
    My knowledge concerning that kind of platforms is basically zero,
    nevertheless i am excited and looking forward on learning more about it.
    Mario Levon Mirzahanyan

  3. Nancy White says:

    Hi Felix. I was amazed by this last year and am amazed again this year that so many of you have not used a lot of community platforms. There are so many assumptions about the “digital generation” that we need to stop and check and see if they are valid. Thanks for helping me understand.

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