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Overall I liked the start of the course. It was relaxed and mostly fun. My group seems like a good…

Overall I liked the start of the course. It was relaxed and mostly fun. My group seems like a good mix, we can all contribute on certain way and im sure we will get the task done effectively. It took a while to find out what we are supposed to know and sadly we spend a significant chunk of time doing something we weren’t supposed to. Instructions could have been clearer and there should’ve been more support from tutors especially because it was the first class and we had no idea what the plan was. It got clearer to the end but after our meeting on Friday im sure everything will be cleared up and all possible confusion will be erased.  The google hangout with Nancy and Alan was a fun and I learnt a lot from it. They certainly know what they are doing and im sure I will ask a lot of questions to them over the next weeks. 

I have never done such a thing before and I am all ready thinking about what an effective way would be to introduce a intranet system to 10 different cultures. I don’t think it will be easy but challenges are a part of life and im always eager to tackle the unknown. Its great that we have this opportunity to work with an NGO and present our ideas to them at a later stage.

I am very good at taking something and making it better, expand on the ideas and then implement them to perfect the final product. I would say that is my “special quality” that I can contribute to my team. Besides that I am good at coming up with new ideas, new solutions and I find myself to have a different way of tackling challenges. In the end all our specials qualities will have combined and we will have found a great solution to the problem at hand. 

Well I would love to know what our outcome in several weeks is going to look like. However im struggling to imagine that. Only thing I can think of is that the solution we come up with for our NGO will be the simplest way. All the people from the different cultures need to be able to start using the intranet communication without it being a hassle to the user. It needs to be self explanatory and not require effort to understand how it works. 


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2 comments on “Overall I liked the start of the course. It was relaxed and mostly fun. My group seems like a good…
  1. Maria says:

    As far as I see, you’re good in looking for reasonable decisions and noticing unreasonable stuff. Sounds like usability tests are specially made for you :). Good to have you in our team 🙂

  2. Nancy White says:

    J, I’m particularly noticing and appreciating that you mention the cross cultural thing w/ your NGO challenge. You and your team are smart to ask questions and consider these challenges. I work in international development and know it is neither a simple, nor easy thing!

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