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Final report.

Time is running enormous fast and soon we will say goodbye to our NGO and  our team.I would like to thank all the tutors,Nancy,Alan,Sheila for being patient while listening to our stupid repeated 1000 times questions =) I hope that experience  I got from Project Community classes these 2 months would be very useful and practical for my future life,work.

So, we were using many online communities and networks in innovative design tools like Google hangout, Spidergram, and others and every item is beneficial for working, but in my opinion, is the most important tool i have learned.  is the website when you can collaborate with a  group of people and start chatting with other groups,therefore it makes a big communication field,where every group or person can share their ideas with others. I think that it is really useful,because nowadays I know that some big companies in Russia like Gasprom are having a problem with the communication inside the company. As there are thousands of workers in the company it seems imposible to hear every department’s opinion on current topics,so I think that this website can easily solve their problem. Futhermore, sometimes you don’t have an opportunity to open your laptop and connect to the Skype or Google hangout(for example when you have only phone) and in this case it is very easy to go on and start a chat with others.Some companies are wasting a big amount of money on renting halls for conferenсes with inner departments, but why don’t just create a chat without making people leave their workplace and save a lot of money? Thats why I am  going to use this website in my future company(I hope so =)).

During the communication and working with Gogorobi foundation I found out that some design methods are not really useful, for example some people like to complicate   the content they are making,but honestly,it’s sometimes doesn’t make sense to us,people considering themselves as digital natives, and do you imagine how many people in the World are not aware of latest Internet tools? Especially the third world countries. Thats why I decided that one of my own design principles would be simpleness. It means that I want to create technologies that would make people easily get into. Linking to the this point is called The Dry principle.

Moreover,I think that setting  rules for people is one the biggest mistake of the world. Most of the designers are very strict to their own personal rules and they are not looking for any changes,even if these changes could raise their project . For example, I always feel upset about cars construction - of course it is obvious that every car brand has its own basic design and industry but in my opinion it’s very unfair to leave people without an opportunity to choose and develop.For example, I really love the look of Lexus cars outside,but when I seat in a car I feel like not in my plate and one thought always is in my head : “what if I could make my own inner design of this car?”Of course,there are some tuning companies of big brands but it is too expensive and long to have a car by your own design. It is just an example,but in the world there are a lot of things that are strict to the rules.Thats why I think that future design work should go by the path of collaborating with clients.I will always pay attention on my client wills,wishes. This point is called Robustness principle.

I am sure that other principles are very important for designers but in my opinion these 2 are the most interesting and useful. And I claim that these 2 principles will change the world.

 I am sure that  experience i got from Project communities classes will have a big impact on my studying IDE course,hope that all the knowledge will be useful  in any direction I will choose in the future.It is so exciting to learn something realistic,practical stuff in the university, not only reading books and learning theoretical   knowledge. My advise to next 1st year students is to be enthusiastic and curious about all the things that is mentioned in this class, do not hesitate to ask questions and to try  yourself in something you’ve never tried to.Try to participate in as many actions as you can.Sometimes you would feel that it is not yours, but do not stop looking for something that really suits you. 
Don’t be afraid. 


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The things I have learned

So far we are at the final point of making strategy for the Gogorobi Foundation and I am sure we are going in the right direction. I have been attending all project communities classes and there is one thing I have realized- every time our team thinks that we’ve done our best and there is nothing else to create or to add to the strategy we face to the new technologies or to the new way of working with clients .I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not but after every Monday some of us suggest a new useful idea . We’ve been learning how to use connection technologies like Google Hangout, Meeting words , some kind of design tools like Spidergram,Storyboard , after all  tutors “introduce” us to crowdsourcing,crowdfunding etc.

It’s really hard to distinguish one favourite tool or knowledge, but personally i think that the lesson about group size is one of the most useful,because  now I know which group size creates a perfect working atmosphere for me(6-9 members). Sometimes,when I was working in teams of 4-5 at schools in the end we were stuck due to the lack of ideas and fresh suggestions,also it was rather difficult to divide roles because we simply hadn’t enough people to do all the work . And that led to confusion and even aggressive atmosphere in the group.But now,through all the projcomm assignments we are taught how to  divide roles sufficiently and how to communicate in “our small company”.For example, I remember that day, when we were asked to separate ourselves into smaller groups for the ideas generating , and it really worked! That Monday gave us a lot of new and really valuable ideas.
Personally I feel comfortable in the well organized group where everyone is responsible for each part, where everyone should work hard to reach the final goal.We have 2 weeks left for the final presentation but even now,in the end, we are still generating  something new, when we are playing with the group organization . I think changing the roles,positions in the team is kind of “Freshing up” our brains. And I really appreciate projcomm for giving me information about how useful it can be.

But it doesn’t mean that I don’t care and focus on other tools,it is just what I think about the greatest experience of mine,which I hope would help me not only in future work but also in different situations in life .

So far we are developing our final report and working on the storyboard of the video, and I think that we have done a really good job and now the hardest part is to present our solutions in the simple and proper way. I am asked to response about the greatest solution of our team,but honestly I don’t want to tell all the secretes now,because I am really curious about our video and about our work,and it’s a little bit unfair to tell the interest part here =)

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week 5

Now we have 2 weeks to finish our project and to come up with some final ideas and solutions to reach our goal( fund the Gogorobi ) and more and more our team goes deeper into crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Personally, I have never heard about these two things before but now I understand how important and useful it can be in order to be successful in different design work.

Some times ago, for example in 60’s you couldn’t imagine that any business can be done without sponsorship from big rich companies or without investing your own money but nowadays the  evolution of people’s abilities grows up rapidly and society understand that they really have power to change the world.

People meet each other in the Internet on specific websites to create and develop any fields of interest they choose , they are sharing with ideas,solutions,investing their own money in projects they find very interesting and perspective.You can see it on such crowdfunding websites as Kickstarter or Indigogo.Personally, I think that it is a great opportunity for creative people with bright mind because sometimes they don’t have a chance to present their project or innovation due to  the geographical,political reasons etc. Even if they have a really great idea ,they wouldn’t get money on that or they won’t be able to advertise their project.Actually I don’t know if it’s right but i think i was participating  the crowdfunding community when I gave 10 dollars to not  popular but very cool music band in Moscow.So,by the help of me and other people they made their new album in much better quality.

The same happens with the crowdsourcing. Business is not only about money. You also need to find experts,professionals,volunteers or just  collect some criticism ( BTW which can be also very important). And what you can offer to people living in the small towns or somewhere you can’t find anything?? Of course the Internet! What can be a better place for sharing your ideas  and to find people you need?There are a lot of forums,questionnaires for example the Surveymonkey where you can collect opinions of other people. By the way, my sister now is doing her entrepreneurship on the 3d course in Erasmus, she is working in the company which makes electronic devices such as chargers,coverings for the phones and one day she sent me a link to the to answer some questions she needs (she was collecting opinions of phone users) and I found it  very useful to work with this website because everything  done in an easy way,it has a nice interface etc.So, I think crowsourcing is something that can really help you,especially when you are making a design project.

So,let’s talk about pros and cons of crowdsourcing.

1.access to the biggest field of people’s very easy to find and also work with crowdsourcing websites can not only find comments on your project but even meet people that would like to work and to develop idea with you or investers
4.It doesn’t take  a long time to create a blog or to sign up for a forum 
5.A big amount of specific thematic websites

1. there are no any filters of information going to the Web. So, you’d probably follow someone’s bad advice

2. Sometimes it’s very hard to explain your idea via blogpost or presentation. You have no connection to your followers and you probably wouldn’t explain your project very properly .

3. You should have some basic skills of using the Internet   and tools.


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What does “team” mean?

In this blog I am going to write about how I understand the word “team”.
To start with, I want to tell that during my studying in the school teachers always tried to divide us into small groups because they wanted to teach us how to work in the group of people , how to communicate and how to use your own talents and gifts as well as your’s team members abilities .Personally, I really like to work in teams because it is like a guide “how to survive in real world”, because nowadays almost everything is done by a group of people ( for example setting up a company,sports, playing music) and I really appreciate my school teachers that gave me an opportunity to learn how to collaborate and how to find a way to every person.

Also, we are divided into groups on the Project Communities to work and to fundraise the Gogorobi foundation. First of all I’d like to say that I really love my team and I think we have a good working atmosphere. But let’s go step by step

There are 8 people in our group and i think it is a “dream” size, because i had been working in the groups of 4-5 when i was at school and sometimes I could feel that this wasn’t enough.Sometimes we were stuck with brainstorming,collecting ideas and our group was really in need of some fresh brains and ideas.When you have 8 people in the group , its a golden middle to have some nice creative solutions from all the members and to save a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.I fell cosily in our group because I know that i will always have a time to share with my ideas and to listen carefully to others.

We have 3 Bulgarians (Stephan ,Iliya,Bobby), Wariswa (Dutch), Ibi(Indonesian), Friederike ( German), Gleb ( Latvian) and me from Russia. So, as you can see it’s a multicultural group and it works because people from different cultures are also different in working,I am very happy that Stephan,Iliya,Bobby are emotional and creative as all Bulgarians, Friederike and Wariswa and me(I hope =))) are  punctual and hardworking, Gleb and Ibi often suggest a lot of good ideas,so when we combine all this into one group we have a good result.

Our group has not an easy problem - how to fundraise not very popular and specific company, but actually  I am glad with the task because I can learn more about business strategies and working with the client. And even in this our group helps me.For example, when we were doing research to go deeper into subject every member of the team brought a list of interesting and useful information(for example, now I know what SWOT analysis is because Iliya made a research on that topic, I saw how Stephan was making a logo in the Photoshop and etc).Undoubtedly every member taught me something.

Next week me and Stephan are going to start editing the final video, so I am very excited to see how it will work.I think we are going in the  right direction and I don’t think that we need to make changes . Of course we have some tiny problems with interrupting and others but they are so tiny that i don’t even want to talk about them =)).

And another nice thing that working in the group sometimes is challenging me, for example to make the information that i found more well structured to be sure that everyone understands t, correctly express my opinion and ideas and so on and so forth, but it is OK because overcoming the difficulties can make you stronger and can reflect in a good way on the group work.


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Always online.

I am very surprised that 4th week blog questions would be so astonishing, because the role of the Internet in my life is something that really made me who I am now.
My parents bought me a computer when i was 8 and when i first pushed the start button on the  screen and put the CD with a game, i felt like i am discovering a new world with its own rules and  customs.
I clear  remember the day when I first recognized the Internet. I was sitting in front of the TV screen watching some movies while my sister was typing something on the keyboard.It was amazing for me what was going on and why she is typing so many and fast and what for??When I asked her, she told me something like “Oh I have no time to explain”, but i managed to remember the interface of the screen. It was very strange because I had never met this type of video games and. In the evening that day i persuaded her to introduce me the new game, and that was the starting point of discovering the world of Internet.Of course it was not a game, it was Facebook, and after some time i got used to this website, i found my classmates,friends,people from other countries and  it’s still my favorite website . Facebook gives me opportunity to communicate with friends from Armenia(my Motherland) and I found Facebook very useful and helpful for me.

Step by step I was going deeper in the Net, and since the first time i opened Google,Youtube they are still in my “Top sites”. I cant imagine my life without Internet because nowadays it is the biggest and the most convenient platform for sharing and finding information, marketing,advertising. If i have a question I ask the Internet about    it , if i have a problem I am searching for the solution on the Internet.If i have a bad mood I go on Youtube and watch some funny videos.It doesn’t mean that I am addicted to the Internet but I don’t mind use it when it’s really can help you. But on the other side it’s sometimes time-consuming and sometimes i am putting off my main duties in order to surf my time off in the Web.

Recently I have discovered more useful side of the Internet in forms of search engines,educative websites like Investopedia(I came across this website when i was working on the project communities. It is site where a lot of information about fundraising companies and finances is given).

Also, as i am interested in music and movies i was looking for a simple way of downloading them for free. And I found a lot of useful websites like, and others. The are still providing me with good music and videos =))

Since I discovered Internet,it has freed me in different ways,not only am i now able to connect and communicate with people all over the world but also it has given me the opportunity to rediscover my inner world. i am happy to be part of the big community called “The Internet”.


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Something called Technology

Hi everyone! This is the second week of Project Community and it’s getting hot =)
We had our 2nd Google Hangout with Nancy and Alan and other groups and I finally found out how it works =) I didn’t expect  8 groups can talk with each other without interrupting and any tech. problems, so that’s why it was surprising for me.
Also we worked on the “spidergram”- I find this type of analyzing information very efficient because you are concentrating only on main and really valuable things. 
It was rather difficult for me to remove all details and to make 5-6 clear points.

Lets go with reflection =) 
Nowadays Internet and computer technologies are developing rapidly and it’s very difficult to come up with them. Just imagine  that you are out of the Net and you have no computer and when you are back in the Internet you may not understand what are people are talking about!(That’s how i felt when everyone was talking about Instagram and I just didn’t have a clue what the hell is Instagram).

I am using the Internet since 10 years old and it really changed my life. I just don’t imagine   my life without such websites as Google, Wikipedia,Youtube and others.
It’s really amazing how Internet technologies can make people’s life easier. For example , for  me Facebook is the most convenient way of communicating( with my Project Comm groupmates) , but i don’t spend hours just sitting in front of the computer and waiting till someone would wright me =)But sometimes it’s pointless to share with your information in the Internet,because it is a big field and everyone can see everything about you,even if you don’t want to.I am trying to give less personal information because as the “Grown up digital” book says - “I don’t want my photos from the parties be on my  chief’s table ” and i totally agree with that =)

So,lets speak about skills. I was using   Photoshop and I have a dream that someday i will become a master =)  I know some guys from our group have an experience working with Photoshop and i am going to learn some secrets from them =)

Also, I was working with Final Cut Pro - program for editing videos. I was forced to do that because our music band wanted to make a video but we didn’t have enough money to pay professionals,by the way we made it beautiful =))

I  also had a deal with Cubase,Logic Pro - programs for creating and editing music and i think i have enough skills to do something really interesting and qualitative.

If we are talking about internet tools,then i can surely  say about Holy Google =)
It helps me in lots of situations when i don’t know what to do.And I think I am pretty pro in searching =)) So, this can be valuably for my group.

Finally, I am always learning and I hope that i will know more about Net technologies.I am sure they can help me not only for doing my IDE assignments  but also can assist me with working on big projects and communicating with clients.So, i am excited about our next Project Community Week =)

Honestly, i think i can’t see some other group’s unmet needs,because every group is at the starting point and they are deciding which way,direction to choose and how to continue . But I am always open to them to help with some work =)



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Let’s see what we have here.

Today was the first official day in THU. We had an introduction of Project Community class: we got our first assignment which is going to be a big project,working with a real organization, trying to find a solution of the certain problem.

To start with, I think the main goal of this class is to show us how internet technologies and interactive communication within our team can help us to work with companies etc.It will be a great experience for me,because I have never worked with such programs like Google+ or Also, I am very happy that we are always focused on real life,trying to do more practical things instead of reading thousands of  books with theory and formulas etc.Honestly, it is the main reason I am here,studying IDE,because only practice,only working on certain things may teach you something.



Personally, I’d like to have a clear vision of programs and net technologies which can help me/us to work and communicate with clients (for example  NGO) and I think it will be useful for me as an open innovator.Technologies are developing and the point is that the one who doesn’t want to catch this technologies might not ever be successful.
This sounds sad,but its true. You should always be aware what’s going on in  and  always ask yourself a question - how can I do something faster,better than the other one?


For me, the best outcome of our team would be a plan,explaining how can our client can solve the problem . I hope that our work will be helpful for our NGO and I can swear I’ll do my best to bring a valuable contribution to our team. =)

I have always thought that you can’t honestly say what your good qualities are.I think only people,working with you in a team, have sense what you are good at.But after the first Personal Branding class,I realized that understanding who you are and how you  can help your team to come over  difficulties is a VERY IMPORTANT part of teamwork.
So,hardworking ,  concentrating on the main issues,clearly understanding what we have and what we should do are my good qualities which may help us.I can also analyze information and making summaries,linking important information and main points.I think i will have a role of searching and working with information . =)

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