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Your NGO and you

 Our NGO is the Gogorobi Foundation, a storytelling and theatrical music production organization located in Curacao.  For this weeks assignment I’ve tried to immerse myself in this organization and I tried to get as much knowledge as possible. First of all, the website is in Dutch so I was able to read it (advantage for Dutch people!). As I’ve learned, they produce musicals and workshops to conserve and promote the storytelling tradition in Curacao. For us the assignment is to help them expend their network and help them with the fundraising. This is something we started to work on in class and got together to achieve our goals. I wanted to know as much as I could about the Gogorobi foundation to be able to understand what they do and what their unmet needs are. As I’ve learned more about their work, I saw that there is a lot more they can improve on expanding their network. As I’ve said before, their website is only in Dutch and thus not possible for others to read. This is something within the group we’ve immediately agreed on should be changed. Next to their website, they have a Facebook page. This page is not updated at all and they’ve got just over 60 likes. There are so many other social networks they can use, for example Instagram or Twitter. This is just some proof that we can help them improve their network and I am looking forward to starting with it!

I truly hope that at the end of our course we are able to help them with their needs, I believe that if we stick together and go for it we can make a difference for them. 

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The beginning of the end?

You could say this monday was the most nerve-racking day so far. A lot came to us, both for personal branding but also for Project Communities. I see that we are making a lot of progress in the group so that was a relief! Everything is coming together and we are finishing up lots of loose ends.

This weeks blog will be about the usefulness I see in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. As ive researched a lot about these subjects (never heard of them before) I learned a lot about them, and that its applied in a lot of things I use myself. I believe that crowdsourcing and crowdfunding is an amazingly useful tool to gain knowledge and money. First of all, it’s free. Most of the time though. How good is that? And you get so many different views which makes the variety of it all so wide and interesting. Because social media has been and still is growing so much and fast, this is also a developing tool. You could think of so many ways to use crowdsourcing ideas, also by making it fun and interesting for everyone. This is something ive really become to realise in the last few weeks, and I really find it cool to think about ways to apply it in our own assignment; the Gogorobi foundation. I am now researching and exploring the African storytelling part of our project, and a bit about a possible radio station for this and the general storytelling. This is where it comes in handy to know about the ways to use crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. 

Here’s an example I read about on the internet and find very interesting;

McDonald’s: Back in 2007, McDonalds held a “Global Casting” contest to get images of real people to be used on all cups and bags. They received 13,000 entries and chose 24 faces to be rolled out on all packagings worldwide, starting with the United States and Canada. The same year, in Australia, McDonald’s asked local consumers to create and name a burger when “burger naming legend” Ken Thomas retired from McDonald’s Autralia. They finally chose McOZ (“Aussie“), but the burger is not being sold anymore, says Wikipedia.

In France the McDonald’s logo is green! This is a sign to show the company’s sustainability efforts, and this positioning was also the topic of a graphic design and photo contest held in France in 2010, by which the company wanted to know how to best communicate its sustainability policy. Recently, McDonald’s has had huge success crowdsourcing new burger ideas with its initiative Mein Burger (“My Burger“) in Germany. People could come up with ideas and design their own burger via, where a visual product configurator was available to play with. They got over 116,000 submitted burgers and 1,5 million votes on the page, and received a lot of praise from the specialized marketing press! 

this is just an example which inspires me. I think it will be very useful for our designing career as well. As for now i cannot find any real disadvantages from crowdsourcing. Maybe that you’re not sure how reliabe the information is? 

well this is it for now! untill next week! 

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Week 4 blog; me, we, network

As a child I liked playing on my Gameboy but next to that I wasn’t very interested in computers.

I watched television and sometimes played a game on the computer, but how it really worked was something I didn’t really care for.

Now that I’m older, I use more technology and have a curiosity for all the cool gadgets and possibilities it brings along. Its of course also the peer pressure which forces everyone to stay socially up-to-date in order to not miss out on things.

For social media I now only regularly use Facebook, although I used to by active on Hyves and MSN. I think it was also the time then, it was a hype and everyone was active on these networks. For example, now there is Whatsapp, which is actually the same communication type as MSN, but then closer to reach. The developments occurred in the last years are such big parts of our lives, although we sometimes seem to completely forget it. I sometimes miss it though, when I use to come home from school and got excited when I turned the computer on to see if I had any interesting messages online… Its different now, because if someone sends you a message, you will know it immediately. I sometimes wonder how it was like when there was no such thing as internet, when people use to write letters to communicate. How would that be like? Especially for people from our generation. I think it’s important to realize that somethings are better to be communicated face to face…

For me Facebook is primarily a tool to stay in contact with other people, it makes me feel connected to friends and their lives. It is also sometimes an entertaining tool, when I’m bored I just go on facebook to look at pictures and videos.

For other entertaining sites I use youtube often, and on other occasions I of course have several other websites I like to visit.

This weeks project made me think about the different reasons I use the internet. Of course I use it to gather knowledge, for example on google. Its not just randomly my homepage… Then there is socializing. But Facebook is not only for socializing, I also use it to gather information and pictures from all sorts of people. I guess people use it for their own reasons at their own time. The fact that I have several personal groups on Facebook makes me feel important, or at least part of something. I for example have a closed facebook group with some old friends, which we share pictures and stories in. I love the fact that I am part of that and the feeling that there are people out there who care about me and are interested in my life. Of course it is also the other way around.

This is also the part of the we in this story. I think the me and we are closely related here. I use the internet personally to gather information and find entertainment, but for socializing it immediately becomes we. And all together it is of course networking… They all relate in my eyes.

Thats about it for this week! See you soon:) 

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You can be totally anonymous and have no privacy. All it takes is no one knowing who you are.

On Monday we had a very interesting Google Hangout session with the group but also with Nancy White which really inspired me. Especially where she talked about our online identities. I immediately thought of when I googled my own name a few months ago. When I typed in my name, I expected to find nothing more but a link to my Facebook or Hyves page, but I didn’t expect to find my entire life on the internet… I found lots of pictures from years ago and direct links to my families personal information on several websites which I didn’t know even existed. What Nancy said was confronting but very true, and I realized that most of us have no clue that we might not be the only ones to control what is put out there about us.

That made me realize the possible affects that the online world can have on our lives and how important it is to be aware of the fact that we are not always able to control it. We might want to present ourselves in a certain way online, and people who know us may see us in that way, but we have to remember that someone who doesn’t know us at all might get a completely different impression of us. I believe that a neutral opinion would be very helpful in this case.

I guess the internet has some important advantages, but we are not always aware of the risks and/or disadvantages it brings along with it. Now it’s a challenge for me and the rest to find out how the digital identity of our NGO is presented. Personally I never heard of the Gogorobi foundation, but that is probably not very strange.

When we started the discussion within the group we started to work on the spidergram to get a better idea of what to do next. This was not as simple for our NGO assignment but we did our best.

This all made me think about what I personally could add to our group work. I don’t have a lot of skills concerning networking, but I am always open-minded and good at thinking outside the box. I genuinely hope to be able to help our group to develop and learn as much as possible!

See you next time:) 

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a first time for everything

This is the very first time I am blogging! I am already learning a lot in this course, wether it is how to use Tumblr or google hangout, it’s surprisingly very cool! 
Honestly I’ve been quite confused about this whole project for the first days. I didn’t exactly know what to expect from the entire social media aspects but now i’ve explored it a bit it becomes more clear to me. 
I think this course will gain us a lot more knowledge about the NGO’s involved, and about the affect media and networking have on the global awareness of their actions. At first I really did not know what to do with the Gogorobi things, I didn’t really see the benefit of us involving in this. But it was quite nice to see and learn that things sometimes are not what you think at first and you have to step out of your comfort zone to see the real essence and possibilities.
I think what is needed to achieve our goals also depends on individual participation in this course. I hope to gain as much knowledge about the the cultural issues around the world and the role networking has in this. I am very curious what we will learn while exploring the different themes from application of online communities and networks to open innovation design. I know how facebook works, but in only a few days time I have learned about Tumblr, Google Hangout, Google Drive, and a few more websites! I didn’t think it would interest me but I am looking forward to exploring these networks even more. 
I hope that as a group we will accomplish something rememberable. I would like to look back at this project with a feeling that we have done something useful for the world, even if it’s only the smallest bit. 
Personally i think that my contribute to this group work is not clear right now, but it will develop during the course hopefully! 

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There are many things that we have not done, or not even imagined doing that we might discover are the things we love doing most of all

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