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Working towards success.

Firstly, I believe that every week’s theme has been of assistance to us in reaching our end goal. After having been introduced to the theme, every week we got insights on how to move on and why we should do it. In addition, personally I learned a lot about how to use the Web for work these few weeks. But after all, there is always something which is most important, depending on the project and the desired goal.

In our specific case, I would say that would be the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding tools. As our NGO’s project is about proposing a successful strategy for raising funds, what’s more useful than these two tools?

 Moreover, the fact that it is about children appeals to people’s minds, which provides the NGO with the opportunity to get funds easier. People always care about the children. And through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, we can find a cheap way of offering those children what they need – having their traditions and culture preserved.

Another good thing is the publicity those two tools can attract towards our NGO. Every time they gather funds from crowdfunding and succeed in their goal will show people that they do their work properly, which will encourage them to donate on later projects as well.


Well I haven’t succeeded in this type of projects before, but since we learned about crowdfunding and crowdsourcing really soon and I believe they are of paramount importance to our project, I reckon that the forming of the pitch for the fundraising is essential. We need to have an appealing, easy to read and interesting text about the NGO’s goals and maybe a little bit of information about previous achievements. I think the key role in order to accomplish our goal would be our cooperation as a team. If we manage to get on well with each other until the end, I believe we can produce outstanding results.


The solution is to work harder than before and to cover all the angles of our project so that we don’t slip somewhere. I trust my team and I know that we are on the right track, and we are moving with a steady pace, so I think this is the most valuable thing about every project, because without and understanding group, there can be no project. So in the end, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding would be really important for the execution of our goal, though it would have never worked out if we weren’t such a cohesive team.
That’s all folks! J See you next time

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Some means to ideas’ fullfillment

Hey Guys ! 
Having gone through all these assignments that we are handed every week from the day one , I started to become blissfully aware of the opportunities Internet provides you with, if you dig deep enough.

On Week 4, we had the “crowdsourcing and online social structures” assignments. When we first heard the explanation and we were instructed to find crowdsourcing platforms, I had no idea what everyone was talking about. But when we started researching, I came to the conclusion that crowdsourcing is not as complicated as it looked back then. Basically, it is a very user-friendly way of finding people, services and ideas. Most of the designers that have just got into the business have no idea what to start with. They have no funds, no people to work with them. All they have is their ideas. So using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding may come in handy when you don’t know where to go. Provided that people like your design and think that your idea is practical and useful, you may receive the sufficient funds using crowdfunding. You can also find the people or services you need if you know how to use your crowdsourcing and if your product is worth it.

  • Pros:
    On the one hand, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are tools that can realize your dream and help you advance in your Design speciality, or as a matter of fact almost any speciality you want to develop.
    Its easy, cost-effective and doesn’t require any particular skills ( except for skills in your work field of course). You just need to observe and gather information about how to do it properly.
    What’s more is that it is getting more widespread daily , so the opportunities of succeeding using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are extending.
  • Cons:
    Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to that method of raising funds, services and people. To begin with, in my opinion, it is not reliable, so you cannot count on these tools to get all the work done for you. And even if you do everything, that you have to do, you can still fail in getting those little advantages that crowdsourcing and crowdfunding offer.
    Not to mention the fact, that you take all the responsibilities after you acquire all those funds and people. If you don’t deliver the product you said you would deliver, all hell breaks lose and you end up even worse than you were before you used those methods.

    One example is provided by Kraft Foods: the company had to stop the relaunch of “Vegemite”, a product that is very popular in Australia, after a naming contest turned sour (iSnack 2.0)

Lone wolfs

Being a lone wolf, depends more on the individual, than on a particular situation. Maybe the reason why many designers try to go solo, is the lack of trust they have in other people. If you do everything by yourself, if you use only your money and services you only count on yourself. You don’t depend on other people, and if you fail you are not responsible for other people’s money, time or whatever you have crowdsourced. Depending on others gets you vulnerable. You have to meet their requirements as well, not only yours. And I think sometimes the people funding you or helping you, demand that you alter your product so it is compatible with their taste or decision. And when a designer puts their heart and soul in their product and somebody tells them to make alterations to it, it hurts. It also depends on how passionate a designer is about their work.

In conclusion, personally I think that if you are determined, decisive and passionate, you could always think of a way to realize your product and make your dreams come true. People who are passionate about their work, can succeed only by themselves, because there will always be a way, a side door for them. Take Steve Jobs for an example. After he leaves Apple board of directors , he comes up with “Next computers” and shows everybody that he doesn’t need a sea of people and a big company to develop. As a result, 10 years later Apple goes back, as we might say “ begging for mercy”.

However, still crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are a useful way of getting what you need, when you are stuck in a corner and have no idea what to proceed with. So as everything else, they have both their considerable advantages and disadvantages. These tools may come in hand, but you can never rely only on them – you should always have some alternative ideas in your back pocket J
See you next week! Cheers

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Being part of a team

Every group, gathered in order to complete a particular task, at some point, has its problems. After all, we are eight people with different thinking, from different countries, who met only 5 weeks ago. However, as surprisingly as it may seem, our group haven’t experienced big problems. Almost always we agree with each other, because every time someone proposes an idea to the group, they back up their opinion. No one in our group has ever made a bad decision, yet, and I hope it would stay that way. We had some organisational issues at the beginning, but we figured that out and now we are working on full power.

As my role in the group is defined as the “note taker”, I have to write down everything that is related to our group’s project. I also do researches on different subjects and most often I am responsible for the visual part of our tasks. I think my position in the group is working quite well for me, I am in the exact place I want to be, and I am really happy with my group. They work extremely hard and that motivates me to the maximum.

What challenges me most, is maybe the fact that we have never done any project like this before, so we get a little lost from time to time, as this is all new and I feel like we are really stepping into the real world. That’s what intimidates me most, because I personally have never done anything like that project in school. I’ve always found the transition from school to university really scary, owing to the fact that the whole environment changes and life just gets

a lot more serious. We have no time to act like spoiled students skipping school and bending the rules every chance we get anymore. Our future depends on determination and hard-work, not on going out every night.


I am not sure if “impact” can be used both in a good and bad sense, but I think that being so many people in the group has brought us only positive aspects for now. Everyone has some individual skills, different from others, so for each part of every task we have someone who is more “specialized” than the others and can help us accomplish it with no considerable difficulties. Furthermore we can all learn from each other and get better at the things we are not so familiar with.


So far, we haven’t come across any cultural differences, more like benefit from them because everyone who has a different culture can show a personal way of learning and doing things. I can also feel I am extending my cultural knowledge on a daily basis which is fantastic. Absorbing basic information about the different nationalities, I can grasp the opportunity to understand other nations, which is an invaluable asset for my future cooperation with people from these countries.


I am really happy with the way our task is reaching its achievement point, because of the dedication everyone in the group shows to get the task done. As the weeks were passing by every group member became perfectly aware of what we have to do, so now it feels like we all put our minds into one, and combine our knowledge in order to reach success.

In conclusion, I am totally satisfied with the way things are going, and the direction we are headed. However, I still think, personally for me, that I have to work harder and put more effort into my parts of the tasks we are given, so maybe what I want to change is the amount of time I put into the Project Community subject, because I must not disappoint my team members. I also believe that me, and the group as a whole should start asking more questions, whenever we have something unclear.Knowledge is gold, and I know that the tutors and the people we are having weekly handouts with, have a lot to learn us and that’s why we have “dig out” that gold mine we are sitting on.

Thanks for your attention.
See you next week J

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Me and Society

Nowadays almost every single person on the planet has Internet, and makes use of it. That “cyborg mania” is becoming more and more widespread. Little children know more about their Ipads than their parents. Personally, I have been astounded by the opportunities that Internet provides us with since I first got the grasp of it. Starting with a Bulgarian social platform, on to facebook, youtube, gmail later on and I realized the online space is growing bigger and bigger. These days it is almost impossible not be involved with online spaces, even if you do not want to.

As I always thought there is no way communicating online can replace in person contact, I have not been keen on interacting online so much. However, as I was growing up I started finding this more and more difficult since all my friends did that. That led to my signing up on facebook, twitter etc. and then it all came to light. You can ask anyone about anything all over the world. Following, this “online communication” extended my capabilities to such extent, that I could learn almost everything I have ever wanted or needed. In my opinion, I prefer researching by myself, because of the good feeling you get when you find and understand what you were looking for. Nonetheless, sometimes you need to contact a specialist in the particular area you are researching and what better way to do that than over the Internet ?

I consider myself more an individual type of person, so I am only affiliated with groups regarding to my work (or studies). I just do not find facebook, or twitter groups with no practical purpose of much use. Moreover, I always try to find the solution of my problem single-handedly before I start reaching out to others. However, I love connecting with people who perceive the same goals as me, therefore I do not hesitate to contact and communicate with them.

Having been led down by a lot of people in my life, I became mistrustful and that maybe is the reason why I do not feel comfortable sharing everything on the net and communicating so much online. Much safer is doing the work by yourself so that if you fail – you are to blame, if you succeed – you will be sure that the success comes from you and nobody else. And if you need some additional information, you could always ask Uncle for the answer. This is by far the best online tool I have ever seen in my life. It is simple, fast and it can help you acquire knowledge in almost every particular field. Youtube is also categorically one of my favourites – as it contains a whole lot of video lessons concerning different subject – Photoshop, Drawing, Autocad, Astronomy, Mathematics or whatever you can think of.

To sum up, I believe Internet is an essential part of today’s lives, as it comprises a vast amount of accessible information. The online tools Internet provides us with make everything even simpler and easy to learn. However, it cannot replace one‘s mind, and it definitely cannot come up with a solution to your problems – you are given the tools, but you have to find the way to use them correctly by yourself. What is more, having a great team of people working with you are a much more valuable asset than the Internet by itself.

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Evaluation of “Me, We, many” group forms

The 4 I’s.

The itch: It always comes from an individual mind. It does not matter, who gets the itch as we are a group and we work together. Once somebody has got an itch, they share it with the other group members to research over it so that the group could get familiar with the individual’s hunch. This is where the Insight comes in (We).

Every group member starts researching and this leads to incredible team work. We start roaming the internet to produce an idea which leads to connecting to the network (many).

Having gained the information from the Internet, everybody starts to come up with possible ideas which we later on discuss and then we decide the most appropriate one. Another possible solution is bringing the ideas together and creating a complex, sophisticated one. This part includes the individual’s mind as everyone thinks of their individual ideas which later on are coincided with the others’.

Finally the Impact comes as a solution to the problem. Everything is taken care of and all we need is bringing the idea to life. The Internet comes as our angel guardian, providing us with the opportunity of spreading the group’s ideas and making them public and accessible.

Kind Regards ! Group 5.

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Week 3 Blog post // Technology Stewardship

Greetings, fellow students and teachers J ! As this week’s blog post is all about online tools and using them, I think I have some personal information related to the subject that I can share.

As we all know, in the 21st century technology is advancing so rapidly that people cannot keep up. I believe everyone in this programme has some skills, which might be of use to me. Personally, I have been dealing with Photoshop CS for about four years now but I have always restrained myself to learn only the tools in that program which I would need. These past two-three weeks provided me with the motivation to advance In this particular field outstandingly fast.

Why Photoshop ? Well, considering that one of my passions is Photography, I really assimilated that Adobe programs and particularly Photoshop are tools which are directly related to it. Furthermore, in my opinion, they are essential to designers, because of the enormous capabilities they have to transform your imagination into an understandable drawing.

As a matter of fact, yesterday, while drawing the spidergram on my laptop Ibi looked really interested in the way things are put together in Photoshop. Although I don’t consider myself as a specialist,  I am more than willing to help him and everyone else who wants with all I can so they could get started with Photoshop or Photography. Nevertheless, I believe each group needs at least one person who is familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw etc. , because a big part of proving ourselves as a trustworthy NGO is accurate and thorough presentation on the Internet. After all, nowadays Internet is of significant importance to every person on the world, no matter a student, a businessman, a designer…

I am open to any questions regarding the fields that I have been dealing with. Should anyone require information about Photoshop or Photography, please do not hesitate to contact and ask me. I have seen a lot of skills in the people of this programme that I want to acquire, so I am sure that mutual communicating and teaching will be of great use to our future J

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Internation Fundraising Spidergram (Group 5) 1.      Since…

Internation Fundraising Spidergram (Group 5)

1.      Since Community Cultivation is all about increasing Communities’ network we decided that it is an integral part of our Spidergram

2.      Individual participation reflects the importance of the individual work, but the Community Project is more about team work, that’s why we decided its not so essential to our situation.

3.      Content refers to the community’s external communication which is essential for the achievement of our goals.

4.      In order to keep track of the group’s progress, we need to exchange the information that everyone has collected. Furthermore, we could also organise it and proceed with the project every time we meet

5.      Projects, being the everyday tasks that we have to complete, are of paramount importance to our project community’s success.

6.      Access to expertise will provide us with the opportunity of advancing in the areas we are meant to research

7.      Given the fact that we are all in a same programme, having a good relationship with the group is essential for keeping track of what everyone is doing.

8.      Context as our choice of using and trading specific information.


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A universe of Reflections :)

There are many important things to take away from this week’s kick-off, the most important of which for me was getting to know my fellow colleagues I will be working with over the next few years. Given the opportunity to meet all these new creative people with pre-determined goals, I experienced self-growth into a more self-oriented individual.

I got a sense for the amount of imagination and creative thinking required for our upcoming practical coursework. The kickoff week activities challenged me to think about many of the commonalities between the varied topics discussed, from teamwork to crafting innovative solutions. I would like to gain the skills to cultivate the information I need through online networks to create an effective innovative solution.

I have aspirations for our team to be able to effectively create motivation from sponsors to find the funds needed by the Gogorobi Foundation through targeted advertising. This week I discovered that everyone has different strengths in certain areas and I hope to contribute with my ability to be persuasive in a debate situation.

I am really looking forward to expanding my knowledge by the courses we attend every day.

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Stefan’s Designed universe: Project Community Reflections (:

Stefan's Designed universe: Project Community Reflections (::


There are many important things to take away from this week’s kick-off, the most important of which for me was getting to know my fellow colleagues I will be working with over the next few years. Given the opportunity to meet all these new creative people with pre-determined goals, I experienced…

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Project Community

Hey Guys :)

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