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Thank you!

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Thank you !!!

I cant believe this is the last blog post..
Solidaridad, don’t leave uuuussss!

What is the one most important thing have you learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design?
The most important thing i learned in project community is that online communities and networks are our allies, today everyone is connected to the web, (some of them 27/7) We, open innovators, shall make good use of our social networks, wheter its for self promotion or recieving feedback, it is really powerful when you know how to use it, this course opened my eyes to it.

What are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks?

I will pick 3 of the 10 principles listed by Dieter Rams.

  • Good design is inovative
    Everyone knows that, but very few can be trully innovative, for a social network/intranet to be inovative, it cannot be a copy of existing ones
  • Good design is honest
    please solidaridad, do not EVER consider putting advertisement on your network, it makes me sick how successfull websites sell pixels for ugly ads theses days
  • Good design is as little design as possible
    This will be forever in my head, in 2008 when i first joined a graphic design school in Brazil, i had this asian teacher, almost 100 years old (as he likes to remind) who is a trully master in visual methodology, he reminds me of Mr.Miyagi from Karate-Kid in every aspect, and every single class he would repeat his famous phrase: “Less is more”

What would you tell next year’s class about the course?
You WILL feel lost in the first week, for sure, but don’t panic! Focus on the weekly tasks and blog posts and everything will be fine. Do your own research, even if you divided tasks in your group and someone else is already researching that subject, do it for yourself, learning doesn’t hurt, after reading about something you feel more confident to discuss it with your colleagues.

What are your tips for getting the most out of it?

Do it for yourself! While researching for this project i’ve come across amazing content rich websites, even if something is irrelevant for the final project but is interesting somehow, save it to your favorites folder, take notes, write about it and stick to your wall. GET INTO IT. This project will end at some time and you will miss it, but it always depended on you to go after knowledge, be curious for life.

How will it be valuable as you continue your path through the IDE program?

As i said earlier, it opened my eyes to the use of social networks and many other things like marketing strategies, i will never forget what i learned in this module, also, the fact that we didn’t pick our group, made me interact more with people out of my little circle.

It’s already on the title, but again, THANK YOU ALL, i’m missing it already.

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Project Community 2013

What really matters

Hello tumblr, here we are again, and i don’t know why i keep doing this, but i always start writing this blog after 10pm on tuesday -_- i know, i know.. i should plan it better, not to blog before sleep.. but wait.. i actually enjoy it =P Ah, nevermind, just thinking out loud.
Let’s talk about what really matters:

Which of the themes we’ve been looking into so far will be of the most use towards your goal of solving the unmet need of your NGO?

Every week we learn about something useful to help our NGO client,
but if i had to choose one, i would say this week’s topic: Marketing.


  1. The main reason, is because it covers a large range of topics, i was thinking about crowdsourcing and how it was the most beloved topic we studied in Project Community so far, and guess what? It is pure marketing strategy! 

  2. It’s a subject i’ve always been curious about but never actually learned it in my graphic design university.
    In Brazil we have Product/Graphic Design and Marketing/Propaganda as two distinct things and usually, “marketers” as we call them, don’t have many designing skills, neither designers dive into the marketing ocean, they even call it “The Dark Side of Design” meaning that marketing fools people with propaganda. (it’s stupid, i know…)

  3. Applies to almost anything! As i said i’m no expert in marketing, I might be talking nonsense as i never really studied it, but i can see it everywhere, politics, universities, NGOs, products, it’s goes beyound the supplier/consumer thing, its like it has a social hole.

What you think will play a key role towards success during the process? 
Well, if i knew this already, this project wouldn’t be as challenging as it is
I have a clue, that would be teamwork, even after 7 weeks i still feel like we haven’t done much, we get distracted by the weekly tasks and are always working individualy, we haven’t had any productive meetings, actually we dont meet at all. I believe we will get this done when we sit together and actually work, we only talk about this project on mondays and this has got to change if we expect to get good grades, we’re already on the final stretch.

What do you think the solution should be and why?

Honestly, i think the solution would be designing a god damn User Interface, making LOTS of sketches, and then pick the best design and explain it using theory, but i don’t know how to make my group understand it, the last time i tried to say this, Luca replied to me that we will skip the designing process, like we won’t draw anything… O_O
I’m really worried about the outcome of all this, we are design students, how are we going to design something without designing? And how to make a video out of it? no graphic? Really? Let’s just type Flat Design and Adaptive Layout with Comic Sams and a colorful background! </sarcasm mode:off>

I think the weekly hangouts are distracting us from our main goal. I was the only person on our group who created a drupal commons website and was messing with it on the first weeks, in my opinion it would be the starting point for this project, as our job is to improve the user experience and usability of a intranet system using drupal commons platform! But nobody cared about it, actually i felt like some people had this wrong idea that i was not really working on the project, which needless to say, pissed me off. I don’t know,. i think i will have to present my ideas in more of a formal way to them, or maybe do all the sketches by myself, oh yea, according to Belbin Self-Perception Inventory, i have a Finisher personality, and i know i will have so much work on this last weeks trying to put my ideas into the final presentation.

Do i sound like panicking? it’s ok… I actually enjoy it =P.

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According to Merriam-Webster, the dictionary, crowdsourcing is “the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas,
or content by soliciting contributions from a large
group of people and especially from the online community
rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.”

Things evolve, and so does business practices.
You want to know what your target group think about your project/idea, but have no time for researches? Why not ask them directly?

We all know the old adage “two heads are better than one.” 
Yea, and what about thousands of heads? 

The concept is a simple and brilliant way to solve problems and increase production time, you can even take advantage of your social networks, just go in facebook and create a pool, and you’re already crowdsourcing.


  • You get feedback while still designing.
  • Waste less time with researches and goes right to the point.
  • Saving time = saving money, that could be spent the wrong way.
  • Diversity of views from different cultures.
  • And thebest, IT’S FREE !!!


  • You’ll get quantity not quality. (if you’re looking for the best answer rather than the right answer, crowdsourcing might not be the way)
  • People can be mean over the internet, marketing campaigns can turn into big failures if the crowd decides to ‘troll’ it.
  • You can’t apply it to everything. Designing a logo for example, branding may be very personal some times and require professionals to do it. (GAP tried to change their logo by crowdsourcing some time ago, but quickly changed back to the original)

What about crowdfunding?
To be short, it’s a crowd-sourced fundraising. 
Individuals or organizations present their ideas (usually by making a video) and the crowd may support the proposals by funding them. Simple as that.
Kickstarter is the first crowdfunding website i heard of, and it appears to be the most famous.

This hole thing is trendy now, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, crowdtalking, whats next? Let’s make good use of it for the time being :)

See ya

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Project Community 2013

Tied together

If you search #groupwork on tumblr, 8 out of 10 posts are people saying how much they hate groupwork, the remaining 2 are always funny images (also showing how they hate working in groups), but after some time scrolling this endless page i strumbled upon this nice composition.


And it illustrates really well how i feel about this project, we are exactly between 4 and 5. In the first weeks, everyone was going to a different direction, making assumptions, and definately not working as a team. Groupwork is good, when you’re working with professionals and know everyones background and personalities, and this is not the case in project community, but even tho we know each other for only a month, at the very first minutes as a group we noticed we had a very organized, unanimously elected 'leader', and every group needs one, (just one, seriously) we are lucky that we have only one person with this personality, otherwise it would be trouble, I also noticed that some other groups don't have a Luca style of person on their team and they have more trouble to control the crowd and organize things. 

To be honest, i think this blog is the most challenging for me.
I’ve never liked to express myself by writing/typing and it gets worst when i have to do it in english, this is the first blog post i wrote in portuguese and then gradually translated to english, i was trying to be quick, but it turns out that some times i have to change so much a sentence to make sense in english that the original idea gets distorced and i just have more work. Also, i’m worried about the challenge itself, we need a brilliant idea and present it in a very good way to stand out and we still need to go after it, discuss, create and improve. I will try my best overcome any difficulties and not let people become frustrated by this work, i’ve been working as a freelance graphical designer for 4 years now and i know that in the end of every project comes this enormous sense of accomplishment, the harder the better.


                            WHAT’S THE IMPACT OF:

I couldn’t agree more with Chris Corrigan, everyone of us is experiencing this lack of creativity when we sit in a group of 8 and try to come up with ideas. It is much better to work with smaller groups, some people may think we can raise a conflict by creating these ‘edges’, but i don’t agree, i think it’s productive when smaller groups question each other ideas, it helps improving and generate new ideas. 

This is great, I’m amazed by this cultural diversity, i’ve never been in touch with so many people from different nationalities, this makes the groupwork interesting for the very first time in my life! I see myself more calm with others, and this wouldn’t happen if they were brazilians :X I don’t know why, I just feel i must respect them no matter how dumb they act, and i am sure i can learn something with everyone of them.

When wisely divided, it can have a huge impact on the outcome of our project, after 4 weeks we’re starting to know what to do and how we can help each other the best way. As for the assignments we have each week, I can say that we got it now, everyone in our group is aware and commited to the blog posts and classroom activities, i think we are on track.

One thing i might do differently in the coming weeks
Is to speak up! I’m oftenly interrupted in the middle of a thought because i take too long to build a sentence while i’m talking, people loose attention when i struggle to say what i’m thinking. I’ve noticed it not so long ago. I will try to speak faster/louder so others can see i’m whiling to help and not confuse my quietness with lack of commitment/interest.
Good communication is the key for a good groupwork.

Cya next week Tumblr.

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The Internet is getting boring

YES the INTERNET!!! I remember when i was in 5th grade, the year was 2000, i had access to it in my house since 1999, so i was not that internet ‘noob’ anymore, my friends told me to download mIRC, and i was like: 

What is mIRC?


mIRC is a client to join the IRC platform (Internet Relay Chat)
IRC is the oldest multi-user chat system on the internet, and as a protocol it is older than the World Wide Web itself, created in 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen, IRC makes it possible for people using the Internet to converse with each other in real time. In order to talk to someone through IRC, you need to connect to the same IRC server. Once in the server, you can join a channel (a.k.a. chat room), and talk with other people who have joined that channel. It has continued to improve since Jarkko first created it, and is still developed by a large and dynamic group of volunteers who give their time, knowledge, and resources to the internet community.

After some time trying to understand how to connect and join a room, now called ‘channel’, i managed to get into our city’s channel, #FOZ, and for my surprise there were a huge scrollbar with more than 300 nicknames on the right of the screen, I had never seen something like that, and people used to talk directly on the channel better than ‘PMing’ someone, i was amazed by this mIRC fever in our city, it was really different from other places where people were using ICQ.

Obviously, a week later me and 2 more friends already had our own channel, where all our other friends joined on a daily basis, we made #VADIO stickers to advertise the channel’s name and LOTS of houseparties on those 5 years it lasted, kids from different schools used to join as well, the thing was growing, and so was the interaction, THIS was the most valuable for me. we even promoted some channels, and had fight with others (channels were basically friendship circles)

But then, the dark age had come, the age of MSN Messenger, and the down of mIRC. People would not invite you to join their channels anymore, where you could interact with not only the person you met, but also their friends, instead of that, they would ask you for your email, (which sometimes was worst than memorizing an ICQ number) and people started to interact less and less…

Oh but you could group chat =D

Meh =/

If you invite someone to a group chat today to actually just chat, you’re annoying, unless it is for work or some group related task.

People changed, and are always changing, already changed from messenger to facebook! The only thing that remais is the real-time chat, but again, if you want to have a real-time chat with a group of people, you need to put everybody into that tiny chat window that was clearly not designed for this. Its kind of annoying when you are in a group chat, so people create groups if they want to share stuff with specific people, which is not a great way to discuss things, because it is not real time anymore, the way people interact is not like you are hanging with your friends, like mIRC used to be, or some computer games that still get that feeling, Facebook became some kind of ego oriented platform, that people build this image they want others to see them as, everybody hates it, but everybody uses it, because they have not found anything better to move to yet.

Come on people! Let’s change our behavior again, after all these years of evolution i’m sure we can find something better to when we are CONNECTED, than scroll through facebook,

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How do you understand our class goals?

I see we are being encouraged to interact a lot with each other. ‘You & The World’… sounds like we need to first know ourselves so we know our place in the world, being part of it in a productive way, contributing to a better living, creating solutions, etc. But again.. to do so we need to know who we really are, not who we think we are, I realized this while doing some of the personal branding exercises.

What do you need/want to learn as you/we explore the different themes from application of online communities and networks to open innovation design?

Communities are social units, and talking about social, I really want to improve my social skills. (i’ve been thinking a lot about this lately!) Its a huge cultural shock to move from South America to Europe for obvious reasons, everything is different! But i noticed i’m always shy to share my thoughts with my classmates because everybody speaks english so well, and this is kind of intimidating, specially in the beginning. I’ve only studied english in my adolescence and although i’ve managed to pass on the TOEFL exam this year, the last time i had english classes was 5 years ago. I think i’m too concerned about this, and i shouldn’t, first because my focus should be solving problems/designing and innovating, not the language we speak, and second because it’s a matter of time, i WILL get used to it.

What would you like the outcome of your team’s project?

Hopefully something functional that will make other groups think “This is brilliant, how come i didn’t think of that?”

What “specialty quality” will you bring and contribute?

I’m very confident in front of a keyboard and mouse, haha. That might not be a special quality because nowadays anyone can do anything with a little help from Google. But really, I bet i can fix any win/mac computer even when the ‘computer guy’ says theres no workaround and you need to format it (been doing that since i was 14). But hopefully nobody in my group will have computer problems, i want to contribute with my knowledge in graphic design, and i have experience with almost every software in the Adobe and Microsoft packages, i also produce computer music and know some HTML, PHP, programming logic, and 3D modeling/animation.

Looking forward to it :D

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Week #1

As everyone else i was a bit confused in the first week and wasn’t sure about what i should write in here, so i just wrote anything to get it started, but i was feeling kinda ‘flame fart kid’ about my first post, so here i am editing it. (Thanks for noticing the ‘to be continued’ part.)

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