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What did I learn?

For me the most important thing about using online communities in design is that everybody has got the chance to share his ideas and to find supporters, which means better chances even for startups. Though I knew this before so you can´t really talk about learning at this point … Now to my “design principles”. I don´t really know what to write here. Did I design and foster online communities or networks? I don´t think so. In my eyes that would go much too far. We have an idea of a solution we came up in this course but that doesn´t make me to a network designer. Furthermore I never heard anything from an expert about the designing progress. Furthermore I got no real insights.That´s why I don´t understand why I should act like I made principles for myself. At the moment I´m just a bungler who studys IDE to maybe become a designer in the future.

But I think that simplicity is one of the main points. When the end result would get to complex it could maybe terrify the users so they wouldn´t even become real users. Also my personal taste is very orientated to simplicity. Less is more.


The Farnsworth House

To next year´s students: If you are getting confused just cool down. That won´t change. Also you should try to create a good group atmosphere. For me the personal conversations were much more interesting. I know that´s not what I´m supposed to write but I´m just trying to be honest. All the new people I met and the experience I got by working with them is something I will take from this program.

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The end is near

I think that crowdsourcing and user support are the most important things for us. With Drupal all the workers of Solidaridad have the chance to get in contact with others fastly and it is also easy to share knowledge. With that sharing and helping you also use the idea of self-improvement likewise it is used in third world countries. That´s why Drupal has the chance to become a crowdsourcing platform itself and grow from day to day. In my eyes a good intranet is fundamental for an oversea organisation. Everybody benefits from that.

That is also the first point why the people of Solidaridad should use Drupal because it would become more and more important and helpful. But we concentrated on how we can “force” the people tu use Drupal even more. That is why I mentioned user support at the beginning.

Willem had a good idea last Monday how we can involve the helpers of Solidaridad also into the interface, which I think is very good because with that possibility the people would feel really integrated. Besides that we focused on the frontpage of Drupal to make it as userfriendly as possibile and to set Drupal like some kind of start up at every computer. After that everybody would have to log in to Drupal at first and check all the news.

"You have to push some people towards their luck." - German saying

Finally we want to make sure that there would be a Drupal expert in every area to help people individually because we still have the problems of different cultures and time zones.

With all those aspects (pros) I think we would have a good chance to implement Drupal successfully.

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Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing

Both options have a very high potential. Crowdsourcing is giving people the chance to get in contact with a huge bunch of others and their ideas and solutions or even get feedback from end users. You can exchange information or simply search for help. Hence you have the chance to get help by professionals. Another positive effect is that you can save money by using this option because you don´t have to hire those professionals on your own and can select between all the giving help. Therefore it would have been a good thing to use by Solidaridad to see how other handled problems with implementing an intranet.

"Four eyes see more than two" - German adage

Crowdfunding on the other hand gives startup companies the possibility to find finacial aid from others for their ideas and projects. The advantage of that is obvious.

But I can also understand why many designers want to do it on their own. If you came up with good ideas and or want to design individual products you don´t want others to put hands on your work. I would also like to do something on my own because then it´s a very personal thing for the designer and I think everybody can be proud of himself if he created something on his own. (For example like the history of Adidas.) At this point you can maybe also see weaknesses of crowdsourcing because the more people you have the more different agenda you get into your work. And when everybody wants a right to say in matter you get alot of trouble. But I would say the main aspect is that you can work freely and really work with your own ideas. So I normally also prefer to be the “lone wolf”.

Big Sorry for the delay.

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Week 5: Working in groups

Good: I would say our biggest benefit is that we all get along well with each other. If your connected and everybody has got an equal position it´s nice to work with each other and everybody feels free to say what he really thinks. Also we always have fun and I think that´s good for a relaxed group atmosphere. However we are still focused and after I talked to people out of the other groups I would say that we´re doing well.

Challenging: In my eyes there aren´t any challenges that belong to our group itself. But we had our problems with the tasks in class and were a little bit confused sometimes. [Though we made a progress in connecting the different aspects of our work with each other and everything is getting clearer for us.] -> another good thing!

Likewise this weeks topic helped us a lot to take another step on this way. We made a schedule for our upcoming work and divided the different tasks that we see for us. It´s good if you always have in mind what to do and it´s also some kind of motivation. Moreover it was a good experience to divide the group in smaller groups to work more individually and to compare the results with each other. Maybe that´s the way how everybody is able to get his ideas in our conversations even more. That was what we also tried to implement in our schedule. Those factors will also be the things that we will change in the next time to be even more efficient because we really want to start with our video now to have enough time to deliver a good outcome to Maarten.

Therefore I don´t really understand why we focused on group work that late. In my eyes it would have much more helpfull to start with that so we would have been able to use it as a good fundament. In addition it was the biggest benefit to work on that for our group itself.

In Addition: After I thought about the point in time again I had the idea that it was maybe about self reflection. We are now able to reflect our work of the last weeks and to see a progress or a change for ourselves.
It seems similar to the situation we had in collateral value (marshmellow tower). My group just started with the work without any plan but later we reflected what mistakes we made.

But anyway … Group 4´s keeping going.

"The slowest, who doesn´t lose sight of his aim, is still faster than the one without a aim" - Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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Week 4: Theme 1- Crowdsourcing and Online Social Structures

I use online spaces only as an indivual. I just interact with others when I´m chatting with my friends on Facebook so that´s just personal and nothing about sharing knowledge. In addition I´m not an active member of any other platforms or networks so it´s hard for me to give any examples or to think about experiences. In general I use the computer rarely.

Why should I spend my time in a number of networks? It´s clear that it can be helpful to use forums for example to share information in reference to special hobbies, interests or labors. However I don´t need those for my interests (sports for example) and like to do new things on my own. So no pros for me. Though that´s just my situation.

But I can´t understand how people can spend their valueable time to comment on youtube videos or other stupid stuff. Why should I care about the comment on a song of any stranger out of the world? I´m just feeling sorry for those people because I think that their lifes are pretty sad and boring and they have serious problems with themselves when they sit in front of the computer all day long. Hence they´re part of all those networks to communicate with strangers. They simply have no one else. I totally understand why they do so. It´s just a human need to share your thoughts. So for the those people the networks have big pros. Of course we can have big benefits in the use of networks (like I already mentioned) and not every  member is like this but I think online isolation becomes and mix of cyber and real world becomes bigger and bigger.

I would like to say more about my personal experiences but I´m simply not able to do so. I like to do things personal and in reality.

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Week 3: Technology Stewardship and use during the course

At first I have to say that I dont´really have a digital identity because I don´t use any social media except from Facebook. And I´m just using it to chat with friends and to get new information for example about musicians. I never shared anything on my Facebook page. It is clear that those networks have their benefits but I´m very careful when it´s about personal information and thoughts.

A platform that I use quite often is Soundcloud. Music is very important for me and Soundcloud is a good chance to listen to music without any advertisement and limitations and it´s easy for artists to load up new songs oder sets. Besides that I just use the Internet to read news and get information and simply for fun ( I´m not active in any blogs or networks … I just read read magazines about music, satire ( and architecture and design ( But not because I prefere it that way but we get them send to our house reguarly anyway. So that´s not really party of my digital identity.

However I´ve got a quite good knowledge about pc programs. I´m able to work with the standart programs like PowerPoint and also design programs like Indesign and Illustrator and music programs like Traktor. Also I gained insight of CAD programs like ArCon and ViCADo by my father because he works as an architect. Moreover I have a good knowledge about pc´s in general which helps me to get along with new things quickly.

Of course I would be willing to teach others new things because that´s the only way how teamwork works. Also I would be glad if someone is able to teach me new things. But I don´t know if anything of my knowledge would be helpful for other groups because I know nothing about the topics or their situation. Certainly it´s possible that some design programs could be helpfull for our upcoming work. Unfortunatelly I also don´t know how I could tap the power of our group with my experiences. Maybe my brother and I could bring dj hardware and arrange a good electronic working atmosphere.

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Week 2: Your NGO & You

In general I really enjoyed the course kick-off. It´s really interesting to meet new faces from all over the world and especially to see how different people think and work. I think that´s the biggest benefit for every group. I´m totally confident about our group work because I´ve got the feeling that everybody is very motivated and wants to get on with the project. (I din´t have this situation since years.)

Luckily we are also able to do so now because there was no support on part of the tutors and that was the only fact that bothered me. I mean how should we know what to do if it wasn´t even allowed to ask questions. It´s not our fault if we worked on the task from the the 2 sheets that just laid in front of us and not on the task that is buried somewhere on one of our pages. Of course we have to do our own thing but i would have prefered some kind of jump start. It´s not like we don´t want to do anything ;)

Besides that I think that everybody got a first impression of our forthcoming work. For me it seems like we will work on complex problems inside of communities and how we can solve them. Therefore I would wish to learn more about mapping out strategies to handle with problems in different ways and to get a better exposure with those situations. Sometimes I think that you´re maybe to deadlocked in the way of everyday thinking and aren´t able to see all the other possibilities around you. In addition to that I also think that it will be interesting to see how a group of about 7 people will maybe find a solution for a problem that keeps a big part of a community busy like we have it in our group with Solidaridad.

How our outcome should look like? I don´t really have an idea right now. That would be also a bit too early I think. The main goal for me is that we will have an interesting and innovative outcome that we will all be satisfied with. The way of presantation and how it will look like isn´t of that importance and I think there is more than one “right” way.

My “special quality” would be drawing and creating I guess. So maybe I will take a big part when it comes to presenting things. In my eyes everybody will find his position in the working process and because of the fact that we all have different ideas on everthing we will also work in different areas when we are in our meetings or group work.

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hi everybody …

sharing everything with the world feels so great.

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