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Week 8: Online Multi‐Media Presentations

We are almost at the end of our project and now we have to set up the video for the Foundation. I believe it is going to be amazing. This module I spent with my team mates made me become more responsible of the task I have to solve and helped me to understand a lot about my personality in a group work. Therefore, which is my role and how I can be useful at the best for the others.

Personally, I think that the most important thing I have learned about using communities and network in innovative design is that it makes it work better and people have more fun. By using online tools even more people can join the project and many ideas and feedback can come out. I believe working with a group of people rather than working alone is better, since the work can be observed from different point of views and different opinions can be given. A designer usually realizes what people would like to have and therefore something innovative and attractive. If this work is solved by implementing the use of internet and online platforms such as 'forums', everything will be easier and the route to the success will be closer.

My main design principles are stability, simplicity, longevity and internationality. I suppose this are the most important characteristics for an online community or network to work. Everybody should be able to participate to a topic and share their ideas. This is probably what makes internet so powerful; people need to say what they want and give suggestions.

For the next year students, I just want to tell one thing: don't be afraid to share your thoughts! Say everything you want and don't hesitate to give suggestions.  You will discover how interesting is the course and how different you are from what you have been expecting. Remember that your team members always need your help, even if they don't ask for it, and that they are there to help you too.

Everything I learned by now I'm sure will help me a lot for my next projects. I will start everything with more determination and perseverance. I hope to give always an excellent contribution of my ideas to my next team work  and help them, at best,  to achieve our goal.
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Week 7

So this is almost the end and we still have a lot of work to do!... Me and my team work mates have come up with a lot of interesting and original ideas but still most of them have to be more detailed and put in an organized way.

Evaluating all the things we have talked about during this weeks, the most important theme I can find out is that of crowd sourcing. Me and my team work mates were trying look at a really good site which could help the Gogorobì Foundation to become better known by the other around world. What we did was to try to analyze it in detail by pointing out all the strengths and weaknesses and coming up with a conclusion with the respective motivations.

Personally I consider crowd sourcing a really good way to make an organization be known by other people and sometimes it could be a good help for fundraising and since the Gogorobì Foundation is looking for fundraisers this is a good opportunity. I believe there are some people that are able and would like to donate and help this organization but first of all it has to be attractive. People should see it clearly and understand everything about it and this is another reason why it should be helpful for the NGO. Through the use of the crowd sourcing sites people can see exactly what is the organization like and what are their needs. It is also possible to put the contacts which is extremely important to have everywhere.

Third reason why its good for the Gogorobì Foundation is that there are also free crowd sourcing sites where the companies don't have to pay anything to make an advertisement about themselves and I consider this an excellent possibility. Not all of the organizations, especially those that have just being settled up, can spend a lot of money and having some helps from other people/experts around the globe is convenient.

The key role in all this thing is to make the organization really interesting and well presented at the eyes of the audience and accept and analyze all the possible ideas given from outside. However, I think the solution for the Gogorobì Foundation would be just to make it more popular and 'catchy' by putting, for example, on the website many more videos of the events going on and even a time table of the future ones. I suppose the organization should consider also the choice of spreading out the voice even in its country and making some invitations for the people that are willing to join, by leaving them at the hotels, restaurants or even bars.

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Week 6: Crowdfunding Network

Before starting to talk about crowd sourcing itself, its damages and benefits in design, let's first find a definition and try to explain why people or designers choose crowd sourcing to improve their business activity.

So, crowd sourcing can be defined as "the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers." [1]

What does it mean? It means that the individual or group of people working on a project, choose to gather some ideas and further help from other individuals (most of the times experts) that are linked to an online community. Therefore, this can be viewed also as an alternative way to spend as less as possible, reaching the deadlines, increasing flexibility and mobility of operation in general in today’s competitive business environment.

Typically, by online communities it is meant forums or websites that work for the individual as a platform. By choosing these sites that offer different packages and formats to put together contests, foundations or companies have various ways of expressing their ideas and their needs.

Those companies that are seriously working in developing their business and know exactly what they want to receive, can choose the best settings to meet their requirements and needs and even post their goals/tasks with description and in detail at the websites to open contests and invite submissions.

Hence, my question is: Might every business developer go for crowd sourcing to improve their design and be known by the others as fast as possible?

On the one hand, the answer is yes because it is possible to choose the amount of money that an individual wants to spend. It means that you know exactly how much you will be paying for design / graphics work. Hence, this is really good for those that have to start with very limited budgets and in particular it could be a really good way to save the money.

Secondly, if a company has to set a very strict deadline for a design project, crowd sourcing could be the solution to see the results on time. Once every aspect and priority has been settled up, online communities can start to help you as soon as possible and this is great since a lot of work and especially time can be saved.

Furthermore, by using a crowd sourcing site, it is possible to receive a submissions from a wide range of designers and artists with varying backgrounds and degrees of experience, from across the country, or even from overseas. This means that it would be possible to discover some ideas that have never crossed your mind and with a bit of lucky make immediately success.

On the other hand, the answer is no because there could be a lack of long-term branding strategy. It means that crowd sourcing on an individual project basis is probably not an option. It could produce results that may not work long term or as part of a package.

Secondly, it is extremely important to consider the fact that there could be some issues regarding copyrights and purchasable vectors being used for submission. Let's suppose the company is really vigilant in checking the originality of the submitted works but still this could be a big concern.

Moreover, according to an article that I red online most of the companies don’t get most out of it due to the lack of proper consultation/research process that designers and artists need to produce works for them. Crowd sourcing hurts the design and graphics industry because it devalues designers’ work; designers and graphic artists have to spend their time and resources to produce work regardless of whether or not they get paid for it." I believe this is true and not because the article said it but because it's what actually happens. If was an expert designer helping other people and then not being paid, how would I react? Would I be happy?

In conclusion, if an individual is wondering  whether crowd sourcing design is an option for your company’s project this is are the possible solutions to his question. Crowd sourcing might sometimes have some positive aspects, as we have seen, but it might have also some negative ones. I believe that those companies that really wish to improve their business activity and become bigger and more known around their countries or ever worldwide, should really consider whether it is worth it and take in consideration the fact that it could be a total failure.

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Working in a team is not something that I usually did in my previous studies. Most of the times I worked alone and all the responsibilities relied on me. I had some good experiences but it is from the beginning of this year that I seriously started to understand what it means 'team work'. I believe working well in a group means coming up with good ideas, creating, making the day productive, having fun and enjoying our own role. If this last two things do not exist it is not possible to set up a good team and the work will never be sufficient enough.

When I entered this group I wasn't really convinced about the team work activity. I found it a bit boring and sharing my ideas and objectives wasn't really something I wanted to do, but, after few days, I started to change my mind. Now I became really interested in knowing the opinions of other people and let them know what I think. All I can say now is that I want to reach the goal of our project, I really believe in the skills of my team mates and I want them to feel enthusiastic about our challange.


Personally, I consider the actual size of my group well constructed. We are 8 people by now, almost all coming from different countries of the world, with different cultures, traditions, religions and I find it amazing. We are not too little nor too big as a group and this helps us a lot during the organization or during the meetings. When we have to work on huge tasks we usually split up the group in two so that we can look faster at the objective from different point of views and come up with different ideas/solutions, whereas when we have little task we usually do it all together. I have always asked myself how was it going to be working with people that have different cultures, traditions and religions. What I found out is that most of them are exactly as me, with my same thoughts and same challenges, others instead have different ideas and views which I find interesting as well and sometimes inspiring.

We still have a lot of time before the end of our project and one thing I will really try to keep doing for me and my group mates is to be more interactive and to give a further help to those that have difficulties. I consider myself really optimistic and therefore I believe I can manage in keeping up the spirit and motivations of my group. If we want to succeed we need to work together, sustain each other and came up with brilliant strategies. 

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Week number 4! ;-) Getting great!

We are at the fourth week now and all I can say it's just 'Wow', time has passed so quickly! I know it's too early but want to say that by now I learned a lot of things especially about the team work activity. This week was mainly based about discussing and finding some crowd sourcing sites for the Gogorobì Foundation. It was nice and even interesting since I discovered a lot of new sites which everybody could use to get stronger in the business activities. What I didn't appreciate about this week was the organization again. It took us a lot to get on the google hangout with the two members of NGO and when we did it, it was difficult to talk with them since the sound quality was terrible. All the time we lost to do this, brought us to end the lesson late which I don't find really fair.


I strongly believe in the Social Networks. They helped me a lot in my life, not only to get in touch with my friends from many parts of the world but also to discover some new places by going to the events or ceremonies always organized by the people I know. This is meant especially for Facebook which I consider a really powerful tool for finding relationships between people but also a good way for the crowd sourcing. Yeah, I commonly use also the online spaces to find and harvest information but I consider myself more as an individual that uses this spaces to interact with other individuals.

I am a member of many groups on Facebook which I find them really useful. Many of them are just friend groups but there are also some work groups. Most of the times they are a way to clarify my ideas about the things I don't understand. They are even sometimes a faster way to organize meetings before hanging out all together. I find it amazing also because it is possible to post some nice pictures of videos on it and share in this way all the amazing experiences I've been living with my friends or with my team mates at the university.

The tools I usually use are the ones that are engaged with the development and creation of  ideas and people's creativity. Therefore, Youtube, Aviary which is a kind of photoshop program, Istagram and moviemaker. Personally, I use all this tools not just to have fun which is most of the times the priority but also to develop my abilities and get always better and better since in the future it's something that could be useful for a 'new open innovator'. 

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Another Week! :-) (Digital identity and technological knowledge)


OK!.....The second week of Project Community was quite confusing and unorganized. We had a meeting again with the two members of NGO but it took us a lot of time before really starting a real 'conversation'. What I found really hilarious was that yesterday we were ask to think and work about our digital identity and technological knowledge but we didn't know how to have a hang out on Google +. :-P

This week was basically based on making an evaluation about the Gogorobì Foundation by using a spider diagram and to come up with some questions to ask to the members. Yeah, the questions were good and interesting but making the spider diagram was quite difficult for me as I, and probably also my team, didn't know quite a lot about the Foundation. We had to judge it on some values we didn't really understand. The questions we made arrived to us in few seconds but meanwhile we already have published the diagram on the website.

Talking about my tools and skills, I don't really consider myself a genius in this area despite I already have some nice experiences with technology. I even studied some computer programming such as HTML, CSS or PHP but just as a passion. Then, what else?...... I really enjoy using photoshop and discovering some nice techniques to modify the images and I practiced a bit on CAD and just had some fun on Google SketchUP.  I like creating the presentations, draw and using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Both of them but especially Facebook is a way to keep in contact with some of my friends that are from many parts of the world. Who knows?....maybe one day I will need to go in a country where I got a friend and this would facilitate a lot my staying and my life. But Facebook cannot substitute the real life! I believe that on the Social networks an individual can be and present himself as he or she likes, with many personalities but in real life, with real people it's different, it is not possible to do it anymore. So basically I think social networks have some negative aspects but they do also have some positive ones as I mentioned before.

Yeah, this is it.....despite this, I love my digital identity! I really hope to share as soon as possible all my digital and technological skills. So, if u guys during our meeting want to ask me something I will be really glad to help you but I don't assure you I will solve all your problems.........I'm not Bill Gates! :-)

As me and my team were hardly trying to come up with some questions to make to the members and making a spider diagram about the Gogorobì Foundation, I noticed and really enjoyed the teamwork spirit. It wasn't only for my group but also for the other groups, especially group 5 that is working with us. I believe that both of the groups are very concentrated on this challenge and we almost have the same opinions and ideas. We also created almost the same kind of spider diagram. I think it's great! I wish to be in some way a valid help for them and my group when they need it and I will do as much as I can to make it all work.

*1 :

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First Week!

Sooo...let's begin! :-)

Yesterday morning I had my first class of Project Communities. My group and I were asked to talked about a challange we were assigned and ask a question to two members of NGO, Maggie and Alan. Our challange was based on the issues that are involving the Gogorobi Foundation, more specifically about fundraising and network expansion. We, as a team, had to find a possible fundraising strategy  to keep the storytelling tradition oCuracao and the Caribbean. What we came up with was to improve some of the ideas the company already had, such as the website itself. We would like to make people more attracted to this company and any other solutions to this problem are well accepted...... ;-)
We were thinking also about organising musical shows and making people more interested in the music of those lands. We believe that music can be a really powerfull way to express the thoughts and desires of the community.

What we did yesterday, I found it amazing and I hope I'm going to learn a lot from this. Project Communities appeared to me as a way to open my mind to new things. I found it interesting not only because we are engaged in issues of the Gogorobi Foundation but also because we are working in a team and developing our teamwork skills, which I think is one of the most important reuirements for an individual when he or she starts to setting up or just working for a company.
I believe that the purpose of this course is not just answering to the questions that are given us but it's something more complex and interesting. It's a strategy with which we learn through the use of comunication, sharing of ideas, creativity, our attitudes and also the use of the networks and online communities to face at the best the oportunities and the problems the world offers us. 
Secondly, I find myself very optimistic and I hope my members will agree with me in the future. I hope this course is going to teach us a lot about ourself and help us to get always better. As I am exploring during this time the different themes of online communities and networks I want to learn all the best ways to face my future problems and come up with all the possible design solutions.
Moreover, I wish that at the end of our work our team is going to be as one individual. Group of people in one person! I hope we are all going to have fun and learn, besides the Project Community course, also about each other. We are more all less coming from different countries with different cultures, traditions, religions and I personally want to learn how the world beatifully differs. 

Talking about me, I'm an Italian guy who arrived to The Hague two weeks ago for the first time and he is trying to get an idea of how is life outside his country!I am an Internation Baccalaureate student from Italy and I remember that in my school, during the service activities from CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), we were trained on finding any possible solutions to get money for example for poor people.
All the CAS hours I did changed me a lot and made me more aware of the problems facing my country and the world itself. Therefore, I will use my experiences and all my qualities of a young open innovator to find a solution to this problem and help to mantain the tradition.

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WORK IN PROGRESS! (Just made the blog!) ;-)

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