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Friday, 20th September: Welcome for International Students

Today The Hague University of Applied Sciences had its official Welcome for International Students. It was really nice! We even had a Stand Up Comedy presentation… But first we were congratulated by Dr. Susana Menéndez and the other Executive Board Members. Their speeches were just as inspiring as winning a scholarship to study in The Netherlands can be.

After this brief cerimony, we had drinks & snacks at the university hall. We had a chance to drink some beer while getting to know different people within the university. There were also some boards where you could subscribe your e-mail to topics in which you’re interested in. Definitely a warm welcome.

But the best was to come in our dinner time! All the scholarship winners, together with some people from the marketing team and other departments, as well as Dr. Susana Menéndez, went to Haagsche Wens. What a nice time we had there. Delicious food and great, inspiring conversations.

While talking to a classmate, Mairya, we discovered a variety of topics in which we’re both too interested in and exchanged a lot of information. She told me about Infographer, an agency that she knows (both their work and founders) and will try to bring in our Collateral Value class.

After taking a look into their website, I think this is really fantastic and that analysing some infographics could be a practice for my team, since our NGO goal is to preserve and promote storytelling traditions. Infographics are a really trendy and functional way to display information and maybe it will fit the organization needs. I’d love to figure it out :)

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“If social media made us smarter, wouldn’t we be smarter?”

“If social media made us smarter, wouldn’t we be smarter?”

- Magnificent Ruin (via nevver)
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Monday #2 – Should we worry now?

Last week, we had our first Project Community class. We were all little overwhelmed about all the information and tasks to come. But I tried to follow up with the words “don’t worry” in my head and just doing what I was supposed to do. Naturally, the main needs will show up and this way I can focus on a real solution. That is what I was thinking.

Now, in the second week of work within this project, I still think being calm and patient is the key. But I see there are some aspects to worry about. The outcome of a team work is all about its organization and method. Even the greatest ideas will fall if you cannot structure them in an effective way. In the beggining, we try to understand what our actions should be by thinking of the desired result, but that will only come if the work is well done. Trying to bring some organization and guidelines to the team is definitely something all integrants need to consider.

As we started working and planning our meetings and actions, I really thought Google Drive would help us. Ever since I’ve first known this tool, 2 or 3 years ago, I knew this was “for life”. I just love that you can see the log of a document, how it used to be, what you’ve changed…It helped me so much to write my essay for the World Citizen Scholarship. Anyway, I just had to tell my team about it. And they like the tool, too. It even has an app which works super fine. I am sure it is gonna help us a lot.

I don’t know if I’m so good at technology knowledge. What I can say is that I use a lot of tools and frequently. Anywhere I can find something interesting, I set up an account and try to explore it the best way. Sometimes I share some Facebook posts using the “Only Me” option, which I think is a good idea. It just happens that I follow a lot of interesting pages and maybe it is not that relevant to my social circles, so by sharing with only myself I save it and do not bother anyone. It can be a little tricky though, because you may use this for “reading later” and then forget about the link forever, but if it really interests you, then you will remember. I also use other creative networks like Pinterest, We♥It and..tumblr (a lot). I’ve got like more than 5 different blogs on my account and I use hashtags on the posts then create different pages to visualize a subject. You can do it by providing a link to “” at the home page and then the posts are filtered. I really enjoy it. I’ve been studying design for 5 years and all the while tumblr helped me visualize references and all kinds of creative sources.

Ok, so maybe I can get organized online and it could improve my team organization. But for what I can see there are other people just as organized working in my group. Then it makes me think that my expertise could be helpful to the other teams. As it is all stored on Google Drive, we just need to “Share” and by seeing what we did, the way we did, some other teams could come up with even better ideas. I love this kind of possibilities. That is why I am always connected. 

I guess it all reflects my digital identity. I am not so good when it comes to “advertise” myself and that is something I could learn with other people. But I can control what people see and the way they see my information. I try to be as much aware as I can most of time, and I think it works. I’ve never had any kind of problem with the information I have provided about me and my activities. But I do recognize that, even with all its possibilities and enchaintment, the internet could be a problem. People may think they have all figured out, but one should always be careful with:

  • Sources
  • Personal data
  • Information and its volume
  • Procrastination

If you fail to manage this kind of aspect, being online is more a waste then “working” or “playing”. 

But I still think that the whole course and challenge are to good to become only “worries”. I am enjoying this a lot and hope we can all work for the best. When you start worrying about something, you may think the solution “above you” and this surely is not the case. We are all going to be great at it - Solving Problems and Technology Knowledge. We just need to work and enjoy it. And be careful to identify a solution whenever it is right in front of us. I guess this is the best part of deciding not to “worry”. Things come naturally for those who are seeking for them.

See you next week

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MethodKit – Define, develop, structure

MethodKit - Define, develop, structure:

In the age of digital, we feel analogue tools have been forgotten. We wanted to create a smart tool that reminds you about the most important bits & pieces that need to be defined for a successful project. MethodKit is similar to the For Dummies books. Something that gives overview of a field or an area. MethodKit contains of illustrated cards each with an key aspect that is important to keep in mind when you do a project. These aspect cards are the core of the different stacks of cards.

Learn more about Method Kit

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supersonicelectronic: Dae Sung Lee. In an area of West Bengal,…


Dae Sung Lee.

In an area of West Bengal, India is the island Ghoramara.  It is vanishing rapidly as temperature change causes the tiny land mass to quickly dissolve from floods and the rising ocean.  Photographer Dae Sung Lee has made it his mission to spread awareness about this and climate change with a remarkable series of photographs showcasing the islanders who are having to choose between staying and risking their lives or leaving their way of life in the small fishing community behind.  Take a look at the powerful images below:

Read More

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Monday #1 Nothing to Worry About

After getting in touch with Project Community’s first class and learning about how it is going to work, I am sure it is not going to be a problem for anyone. It seems to be about going out of your comfort zone then learning about new cultures and its challenges. I can say for myself that I’ve enrolled to this programme because I want to be able to make things simple, beautiful, or useful…or for what is best, all at the same time. Maybe people see it different than me, but I know in the end we all plan similar things for the future. I hope after really getting in touch with the NGO’s we come up with simple, beautiful and useful solutions for them. It will be so rewarding for us to learn after an experience like this and then it’s our job to make it a rewarding experience for them too. This kind of colaborative work will be already better than any plans we could have made for the future. We may still not know a lot about crowdfunding or crowdsourcing, but we are all excited and this brings fresh ideas that will replace our “plans”. Team work is about trusting the others and making sure you’re doing your best so we can all deal with good or bad surprises. Before we can tell, we will have came up with something we could have never imagined. Also, I’d like to say that the Google Hangout experience was new for me. Definitely inspiring. Not only for the “school technology” but also for knowing a team with such great mesh and background. 

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