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Hello everyone,

So the end is near , or at least the deadline is due soon J . Through these 8 weeks we have learned and experienced a lot . We went through ups and downs and on the final stretch we came together as a team .

So in conclusion I learned that the most important thing is to work in a team and distribute the amount of work properly . Because this the perfect way for us to function as supposed to and not some of us to get overworked while others sit around and just wait .

For me personally the most important things about using online communities and networks in innovative design  was crowdsourcing and crowdfunding  . Especially crowdfunding , because sometimes people have enormous potential and great ideas , but they don’t have the funds to turn their ideas into actual products or whatever they want to do . It is a win win situation . And crowdfunding is for the people on the opposite side of the metaphorical line . People who have the means but not the ideas . I think this is the future of all my prospective projects .

When it comes to design principles I think I explained my idea with the distribution of labour.

For any upcoming student I recommend to get to know his/hers teammates before starting with the project , because that’s the most efficient way to do work .

and here is a funny picture :

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Week 7

We have been working on our project for 7 weeks now.We’ve learned about  crowdsourcing,crowdfunding,about marketing,how to work with and in a team,etc.It has all been very interesting and helpful.I have noticed that all this things have one thing in common-they’re all group related.

Ever since the introduction week we have been working in groups and teams.We have group meetings,group projects  and in the end we will be graded as a group.We may have had some struggle with teamwork in the beginning,but we managed to do everything we were assigned to do.Some people prefer to work alone,but doing so damages our group rhythm,and then we have to go back or explain which results in time loss.And time is something nobody can afford to lose.So no matter what we do individually,in the end we have to come together as a team and work together,because even one person can set the whole group back.

Last week we talked about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.We saw some examples for both and discovered new ways to help our and any future project.Eventough I don’t see how crowdfunding can’t help us in this particular project, we now know a new and better way for funding with even better results,because while we’re being funded we are expanding.It’s a different thing when it comes to crowdsourcing.We have been using crowdsourcing for a tool to match our NGO’s needs.We asked him and other people what to do and how to do it so we work in the right direction.We gathered feedback and continued.We can use crowdsourcing to save some time and find the answers for our problems.

Another thing that I think will be helpful for our presentation  is marketing,because after all what is and great idea without the proper introduction.We must be able to communicate the value of our product to our customer and find a way to stand out in the crowd.Even if our idea isn’t unique and the best one,if we present it correctly we may  achieve the success everybody wants.

 Thank you.

and here is a picture that represents something i wrote about in one of my previous blogs:

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This week’s topic was very interesting and eye opening.I was introduced to crowdsourcing and crowdfunding ,but in some way I was already aware of them.Crowdfunding is a great way to for gathering the necessary resources.

Teamwork is a key factor for our project.It is the soul of every group project,because when people communicate with each other they’re able to combine their best qualities and ideas and achieve a much better result in the end.

At first we had some trouble with teamwork and communication.Everybody was shocked from the quick change in…everything.We did’t exactly know what to do and there was a lot of confusion.But we quickly adapted a started working as a team.Since then I’ve seen a lot of improvement I’m confident about the result.In on order for us to deliver what we’ve promised we have to communicate more and better.Our Facebook group has been very helpful.In some way we’ve used it for crowdsourcing.We are a small crowd that exchanges information on facebook. :)


I think everybody prefers to work alone,but that’s just maybe because we haven’t seen the advantages of working together.It is actually much easier.When we devided in small groups we became more productive,so,in my opinion, we have to reorganize and change our work process.We’re all busy,but we have to find time in our schedules more frequent meetings.We can even do a Google hangout if everybody is up for it.

Everybody can pretend to be a lone wolf but in the end we all need help!

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I’m sorry I missed class yesterday ,but I was sick and on top I had an appointment at the emigration services to get my bsn number.

I’m not used to working in a group,but I like it.Everybody has different ideas and when we express ourselves we form some kind of a brainstorm.

As I said I haven’t worked in a group before,so it’s a challenge for me.The more I get used to it,the more I like it.When young minds like ours gather in a group,who knows what can come out.

We just need to organize ourselves better,and try to have meetings more frequently.We form a really smart and unique group,and I’m sure that if we work hard as a team we can show our full potential.

I think we should make a schedule for the time we have left together,so we can organize better.We have to sync our free time and figure out how we can meet often.


P.S…..I know the blog is short but I kind of didn’t know what I was writing about.

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Hello,my name is Martin and I’m addicted to the internet.

The internet is a drug!Babies are born and given Ipads.And we are all addicted whether we like it or not.Everybody has internet access and uses it one way or another.Most people wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without internet or when I think about it….nobody will!

We as students need it to study,to communicate and help eachother,make friends,even get money,so practically for everything.

I’ll give you an example.The teachers upload information,assignments,grades…everything on blackboard and the only way for us students to get to this information is through the internet 

I don’t use online spaces as an individual.I use the Internet to communicate and waste precious time from my life.

As I said I’m an addict too.I have always tried to stay out of the social media and encouraged other people to do it too,because I think it can’t substitute live face to face interaction between two people or a group.And everybody can change and manipulate their digital identity to make themselves appear more interesting and “cool”,but in real life they’re still a normal,boring man/woman.And when you actually meet the disappointment is much greater.But still for some this is the only way.

I had to make a facebook account ,because this was the only way I could communicate with my friends,who are all over the world.We have to stay in touch,so we don’t lose our connection and since everybody seems to have a facebook account we do it there.There just isn’t another way.I check my page everyday but I do nothing on it,Idon’t know why.Maybe that’s because I need my daily dose of Interenet and facebook.

I think everybody uses these social websites because it gives them a sense of security and they can escape from reality.

To be honest the only tool for online communication for me was facebook and skype until I came to the THU,so you can say I’m just being introduced to the enormous world of social media.As much as I don’t like facebook,I cant’s deny that it’s practical,useful and helpful.I’m in many groups from the university now.Some have few people (for a projects),some are very big and I can ask whatever I want there and I know somebody will answer me.These groups are a tool for  obtaining and giving information.Some people use them to find aprtments,roomates,places,books…etc.You can even make friends before you meet them.That is how I found my apartment so I’m really thankful to be a part of them.Ok I have to go now because I need to get high on facebook!

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Technology Stewardship

Hello  :)

All the people from my generation seem to understand how to work with computers and computer programs like Photoshop,3D designing programs,etc…And me,I’m not that good with computers.When I hear “tool”,the first thing that comes to my mind is an actual object,and not a program or something virtual.

I would say I’m old-fashioned,but I don’t think I can,since I’m too young.

So that’s why if I had to choose a tool it would be a pen.Because I like drawing and sketching and it’s easier for me…for now.

I’m looking forward to learning how to use and work with all these programs, but all the information at once will be a bit overwhelming,so I will need some time.It was even hard for me to blog and I see now that it isn’t complicated,I just need to get used to it.

I can’t actually describe myself or make a list of my skills,but if someone thinks I can be helpful to him or her don’t hesitate to ask me whatever you want.

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After the first day in THU I understood how important it is to be able to work in a group and to…

After the first day in THU I understood how important it is to be able to work in a group and to know that we all depend on each other.I learned that I have to be adaptive

I’m really new when it comes to online communities and blogging,so I need to learn how to use this site and the other online aplications.I’m really looking forward to learning how to use all the design programs,so I can actually start designing :).

I don’t know how our project will look like,but I hope that whatever it is,we will create something practical that can be used to help people.

I don’t know If I have a special quality to contribute,but I know that we are all unique and that if we work together we can create one very creative team.

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