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Thank You all.

I’m starting to write this blog and thinking. It’s over? Latest blog? The end of a long, endless Monday? Probably so. But I have to what I two months ago wouldn’t even think to say.

I’ll miss this !

I remember the beginning, who caught only one word: Chaos. I feel like it was yesterday. No one knew what to do, all filled with a sense of unease and uncertainty. But today, our hourglass are almost empty and we can no longer follows the last grains of sand that slowly but surely completed the first stage at this school.

What is going on here? - We often asked, during the long and unorganized google hangouts.

But now we are at the end of a new beginning, turned about-face and see our tracks we leave.

Let’s decipher them.

  • At the beginning I see the shortcut NGO. Honestly, I did not know what it is. However,  I already know. Thank you.
  • Next, I can see ‘Technology Stewardship’ - Yes. Technology. In fact, I felt like at home in. I have reviewed and reinforced the importance of technology as in normal everyday life and in work and communication also. 
  • Crowd-sourcing. For me again, hitherto unknown concept. But this lesson has helped us realize our position and role in the project.
  • Teamwork. I remind this class, as one of the most valuable for us, as a group. It helped us to understand the power of group-work and taught us to use it the most effectively.
  • Crowd-funding followed. For me personally, the most valuable and most inspiring among all.
  • And at the end, one of the most important topics which was Marketing. Marketing is all around us and is part of everything. I dare say that in many cases is the key. ( Simple idea of quality marketing can make a hole in the world and vice versa with bad marketing we can sink even the best of them.
  • And now we are here and there is only the last task. Will present our work, efforts and thoughts to client.

But. The question is. 

What is the one most important thing have you learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design?

What is the most important thing ?

That’s clear for me.The most important thing is awareness of what our online communities and networks offer and permit. It’s an almost unlimited amount of information, ideas and also inspiration. Speed​​, clarity, accessibility of information! But! The simplicity is essential! I learned a long time ago just like it confirmed. Communication is to be direct and clear. Information served to make them comprehensible and easily understandable. So we can avoid misunderstandings and confusion.

Considering all you have learned and experienced through our classroom time and your work for your clients, what are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks?

My Design principles ?

Yes. I have them. These are the words which I deeply enthusiastic in myself and who are trying to to follow the, whenever I do something / product. Design is the only way to communicate with people. People need to understand you. Needs a clear message read by every product of carries. The message is encoded in a single word-Design-

People still do not like things they do not understand. Quite the contrary. Do they ??

Maybe I can consider these  ten principles for good design of Dieter Rams , as mine as well. 

Finally in this blog I would like to express a big frankly Thank You to Marteen for guiding, tutoring but mostly for his positive energy and the mood which brings to our group and of course to 8 great, awesome people whom I had the honor during these 2 months to get to know.

I am glad that I can say that Project Community gave me really a lot. As new knowledge, experience, overview of the most forward word friends. It was fun and useful experience, so I look forward to more projects!

And for you to prospective students. Start will be messy but life is not always easy. That each of us knows. So what tips would I give to prospective students? Be prepared! And enjoy your ride!


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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Michal"S Harbor

Final round

In today’s blog I would like to come back in time and remind our beginning.

Time fled as water and we already have a seventh week .

Wow ! Frankly, it’s a pleasant feeling. I look back and I see the tracks that we have left behind .

What to say ?

 The Feeling of confusion and despair was replaced by enthusiasm and 100 % concentricity, the word individual  was replaced by the words cooperation and team and finally,  I am glad that I can say that the word Group also changed to word Friends .

Seven weeks really gave us a lot but now it’s time for another question. Do we have, what to give and offer to our clients ?

I hope this will go to the task this week and write Which of the themes we’ve been looking into so far will be of the most use towards our goal of solving the unmet need of NGOs .

From all the themes That we have been looking at : technology stewardship - crowdsourcing - work teams - crowd funding and this weeks ’ - marketing , I would like to point out crowdsourcing , as the most useful towards our goal in solving Solidaridad ‘s unmet need .

Why ?

The most what we can do for Solidaridad , is to do a thorough and sophisticated research, thanks to we are able to pass some helpful hints in order to improve their internal social platform .

Why is crowdsourcing to my mind so special ?

  • Firstly because, it provides a very inexpensive and in some cases very high quality assistance / the client will receive new ideas and plenty of feedback or advices, which will definitely (( in Solidaridad )) -  speed up the design process 

  • Secondly because, crowsoursing offering something as perfect as - Cultural Diversity - in other words, in my opinion, very useful just for our client, which is a company Solidaridad with international realm .

              Diversity of opinions and attitudes to the problems and needs.

               There are some specific needs, which may not have been considered by those of another culture , so it can helps to promote the company internationally , since the product will be able to reach out and meet international requirements and not just a small group of people 

  • Thirdly because, crowdsourcing is also a great way to communicate with your current and potential customers ; ( You Consider Their opinions and feedbacks , which allows to build a better relationship between )

However, there is just one more thing.

I’m not the only one who feels that our NGO does not use our services to the maximum. From the first day we have a communication problem, which quite changed the process in designing the solutions and the whole projekt became more difficult.

They promised us a full demo of Drupal site which we could test it and gain insight into what our client really want and expect so at the end we will able only to advice some specifications that we believe are relevant to this product.

I hope that the situation will change soon which could remarkably accelerate our work and I believe that IN THE END,  we will be able to offer the client what he really calls for.

After all, it is our aim!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Michal"S Harbor

You just need an idea.

Hello all .

Another week is over and it is time once again to think about new thoughts and connect the dots together .

In today’s blog I am going to write about crowdfunding. At this point , I think everybody knows what that mean , so I will just go straight to the point .

I think crowdfunding is currently experiencing a huge boom ! I remember when I first got in touch with crowdfunding . It was about a year ago and I was impressed .

I have never met with anything like that before.

It seemed so amazingly simple ! You just need an idea . Not common, but something truly original, unconventional ,new and interesting . In my mind  streamed ideas that could be summed up in a simple pattern:

Idea - Crowdfunding - Success !

However , I realized that it’s not that simple. I’ll try again expressed by the pattern , as I see it now .

Idea + Team + Money + Hardwork + Final product ( at least prototype of it) + perfect and atractive presentation ———->        Crowdfunding + little / less luck + the risk of stealing the idea ———->      Success ! !

In addition , my first contact with Crowdfunding was when I discovered the site . As I mentioned , I was amazed at what opportunities this site offers people . It’s a great way to turn your dreams and ideas into reality . The idea can come for free , but for transformation into reality, we need money and this is that place !

On the other hand , with a lot of benefits of crowdfunding there comes some disadvantages . Each month has its far side .

Skip right to the greatest of them .So how it is possible to steal a phone , it’s also possible to steal the idea , which may in some cases has the price of gold . Every single designer or inventor  facing the fear of this . Each of them had previously considered whether it is willing to take this risk .

This is the main point, where some designers diverge in their opinions to crowdfunding .

They are not willing to take such risk and they are trying to find other ways of financial support such as individuals or investment groups . I think it is one of the most demanding ways of funding , especially nowadays but much safer .

Other, who are up to crowdfunding , bet everything on one card, either - or. 

I think that , crowdfunding can also be useful in other ways , such as response people . Successful crowdfunding is only proof that your idea is good and people like it, so it helps with questions like : Is the idea worthy of investment ? ! Will people like it? 

 Next, I would like to mention another benefit:  

  • advertising 
  • reaching out to potential customers

People will decide what they really want to and what not , what they will support and what not . It’s like they’re creating products themselves . And even on those principles crowdfunding works . People do not know what they want until someone proves them !

I spend some time browsing the internet , and looking for some good and popular examples of crowdfunding , and I must say WOW ! I did not know that there are so many websites and different campaings related to crowdfunding .

Thousands of people share Their unique ideas , solutions or even dreams in order to get people’s attention and some money to start .

To my mind , this is just proof that it works and CF is gaining popularity . The question is clear , for how long ?

Will see.

Click and INSPIRE YOURSELF by The most funded projects in Kickstarter history. :)

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Michal"S Harbor

Let’s use our Potential.

People, cooperation, diversity, imagination, creativity, opinions, thoughts …
These are all words that I have in mind when I say- Groupwork.

Yes, this is the fourth week, we work on our project and in that time I have found working in a group, not at all as simple as may be at first sight.

By the definition ‘teamwork’ should be better and easier than working as an individual , however..

 I have the honor to work with eight wonderful people from eight different countries of the world. WE together,  form a strong multi-cultural team and to be honest,  It is really exciting to be part of something like that. 

Sometimes just sitting and watching as the environment and culture of each country shapes the thoughts and opinions of everyone. It is very instructive and moreover, you can see deeper inside of their unique personality.

Since I had never cooperated with people of other nationality who would be at the level of native speaker, I found different accents and language at all,  as a problem and actually its great challenge for me to work with them and furthermore  I know that, thanks to them my english  improves much faster.

Okay, and now something constructive.

I must say that after I saw the video of Criss Corigan, where he is talking about different group sizes, I found this video very usefull and I totally agree with. 

Our group has nine members now and I realized that as a whole is just  not possible to operate very efficiently. In addition, individual roles were not much successful also.

So, let’s do something!

This is uniquely what we should change in the coming weeks. To my mind, small groups work well , they are more dynamic  and  creating the right environment for creativity and creating new ideas. A group of 4-5 people, can give each member more space and more freedom which is what, we exactly need to solve problems.

Just let’s use our potential! :)

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Social network-our enemy? Maybe.

      At the beginning I want to say one simple and short sentence.

                       The internet has changed the world ! 

 (Whether for better or worse … the are differing opinions)

Yep, I remember that day very well . Day , when my classmate said that she created me a Facebook account. It was precisely during the period, when the word Facebook has just got the consciousness in our vicinity.Irked me to do so , because in that time, I took Facebook just as an another toy that is now in vogue.I have never behaved like a sheep that follows the herd. I just didn’t want to become a part of the herd .I resisted for several weeks , until my curiosity prevailed. 

At the beginning I was quite confused but I quickly got around it and started to adding friends , one by one.

I was impressed. 

Suddenly, I was filled with excitement and my mind functioned at full speed . I liked how my list of  ’friends’ continues to expand . Firstly, it was family and close friends..Later, my mind tried to recall someone who I have met before in my life and my friend-list ended by people who I have never seen before. And this is how has my network build. It was a huge group of people , from who I gained information that I needed at a given moment or I just chatting with them so I reduced the feeling of loneliness.

This all could have been at one single place , called Facebook.

 I loved it and I can say with a clear conscience that has become an essential part of the huge amount of people on this planet.Facebook managed tap into a huge potential of the Internet and turn it into an extremely fast and simple communication tool for everyone and free. theFacebook , as the company was called at the begining , has changed the world , merged it  and in that case created a new, where the distance between people stopped to be an obstacle .

On the other side, one day I realized that I no longer want to be a part of such a big community.The idea that people who I don’t even know , have access to my privacy started to scare me. That’s what is one of the weaknesses of Facebook and other social networks! Its services innocently entice people to reveal their privacy of its most and share it with others.

To my mind, we have to think about the vast risks and dangers that represent these information about us. 
See the video.

There are some limits that each user of social networks should to find .
It’s amazing when you can fully benefit from Facebook but on the other hand, is starting to be necessary to avoid any risk that the use of these services brings .

Eventually I learned it myself . I started to prefer small and closed group of people who I know well and I have no problem with them share information that concerns me. I have narrowed the list of friends and started using different options of privacy . Just to protect myself. 

Stop to live our life on-line. We are human beings, not a computers. 

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We are living in in which the word ‘technology’ plays a big role. It is everywhere , all around us and every day we receive deeper and deeper under the skin and becomes part of our daily lives.

Could we now imagine a world without the Internet ?

Not so long ago when people would respond with a smile so.Today, it is a little bit different.

Technology as ” Internet ” cemented the whole world. It’s not such a long time and Internet becomes an indispensable part of our life.

Internet offers us an almost infinite number of possibilities but, when you think about it , does humanity use the full potential of this tool ?

Internet has enabled us to much. 

  • We can get an almost unlimited amount of information at any time, quickly and for free. 
  • We can communicate with people as fast as never before and again at any time and free of charge

When you mention  words like Facebook or Twitter , it is associated with only one phrase - a revolution in communication These social networks, have devoured more than 400 million users yet. A huge number of people , figuratively speaking -grouped in a small area don’t you think so ?

Is it possible that in the future social networks will become an instrument of evil ? Or, is it possible to manipulate and control the quantity of people and only through ” computer ?”
Maybe.We will see. 


On the day, when we were born , we got something unique, a gift called identity which will accompany us until the very end. 

By the way, do you think it’s possible to born twice a life ? Let me think. 

On the day when we first signed up on sites like Facebook , have become part of the whole new world. Let’s say that we born again and with a  new identity . This kind of identity calls -Digital identity- . Interestingly, our true identity can be completely different from that digital onereal. There are some people who prefer to live in the other world, where they are hidden behind their computer monitors and feel powerful when under a false identity cruise the internet.

I think, that people should learn how to do with the tools like FB or another social network.. It is necessary to find a balance between:  when is internet still my tool and when I am already tool of the internet !

For the time I am living in this world, I was also given technology under the skin and become one with my passion . It might sounds like cliche but it’s Apple , which for me means  the best combination of the latest technology and lovely design . As is probably obvious , I’m his big fan .

In every single product that they have made, we can find 3 words. Simplicity , innovation , and design .

It’s only a short time when I fulfilled a dream and bought a Mac from Apple.From the early begining I actively learn to use programs like Photoshop Cs, iMovie or iCut. I am not a master, but already know how to make some beautiful stuff. 

To my mind, I am just at the beginning of my road. 

I believe, that while studying at this school I will learn to work with a number of other useful programs, which will significantly improve my Digital Identity.

Maybe I can just ask my classmates for help. :)

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Simplicity. That’s what I love.

It was sunny Sunday, when I have seen my schedule for the first time. 
There was - Project community - on Monday. It sounded quite awesome and interesting, however it wasn’t on Monday. 

“Confusion” is the only word, describing my feelings after this first class. Not really understand what to do, or what is the goal of this lesson. image

And then I come home, full of uncertain ideas. Lunch an Internet -> Google -> Facebook. And started to ask my friends and classmates.

And that’s it! Step by step I put the pieces of this puzzle together just to figure out what is this class about.
And I realised, that I already know the answer. It’s just happening. 
Its all about this. About helping to each other, communication, using this new kind of technology to improve our team building and team work. 

Our first project, is about a NGO that wants to introduce intranet to their international network. 

To be honest, I have never worked on this kind of problem and I’ve never met with words like NGO and intranet, before.

To sum it up, It’s really challenging for me and I am excited about working with my team and about all,  I will learn from them. 

Thank you , IDE.  

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Just to say hello and welcome internet connection

Finally on-line!

Tommorow, I should say Thank You to my neighbour.

Non-blocked Wi-FI connection :)

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